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Need help

Need help

Hello I’m a newbie at PE, and I have only trained my penis for 1 week, today I realized some scary things with my dick.

After my jelqing session today I lost sensitive and the penis also got smaller, and I couldn’t get any erections.
I’m sure I didn’t jelq with 100% erection, maybe I squeezed to hard?
Ofcourse I have to take a break, but will these problems maybe heal up after some days?

Sorry to hear that. It is likely you were indeed squeezing too hard and yes you should definitely take a break. About what % were you doing your jelqs at? Also, how many did you do, or for how long? I would maybe apply some heat throughout the day when you have the time to help it recover. Good luck and be more careful in the future!

I tried to follow the newbieroutine orders, and I did jelq for 2-3 seconds at maybe 60-80% erection.

I wonder if there are any chance that it will recover as it once was? :/

I agree that you are gripping way to hard. What you are experiencing would be called negative PI’s. Check out my favorites at the bottom of my post and read up on positive and negative PI’s.

Give yourself a week or so off, no PE at all during this time.

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Take a few days off and see if your boners return. And I’m talking about a full 100% erection. Likely you were gripping to hard.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

For some days ago I noticed that the penis were in a good mood, I felt larger and I had good erections, I think it’s a little wierd that the penis could go from a good mood to a really bad mood in just one training, well all I can do is to hope that it will recover to a good mood again.

Be kind to your dick.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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