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Need help with injury

Need help with injury

Any advice on this injury is greatly appreciated:

I was doing stretching and jelqing for about three months. Not hard-core, but I think I definitely made some mistakes with my jelqing along the way—sometimes let myself get too hard, sometimes jelqed down the head (I didn`t realize this was a bad practice until recently), and masturbated or had sex soon after PEing a few times.

In October I noticed some pain the next day after PE when urinating or just a dull pain in my shaft on a couple of occasions. I then took a week off and went back again trying to be careful once I felt ok. But by the end of October I decided I might be screwing something up because I got similar pains again and I had noticed it was more difficult to get/keep erections and control ejaculation. So I stopped with PE.

Then about ten days later I woke up in the morning after sex and my penis was kind of sore and seemed a little swollen. I didn`t think it was anything out of the ordinary because I had this experience on a few other occasions and everything went back to normal in a few days. However, gradually over the course of the week, my penis contracted, I lost all night wood, and it became nearly impossible to get erect.

I freaked out and went to the urologist. He did an ultrasound and a doppler ultrasound and said everything was ok. He injected a hormone to induce an erection and said it was fine, but I noticed that it was kind of spongy feeling. (I had been noticing that my erections were a little spongier during the previous few weeks, and this was part of the reason I decided I should quit), but they were never this spongy. Now when I do get an erection, they are really spongy. My dick seems to have lost it’s form—it is hard and contracted when turtled up, limp and lifeless when relaxed, and as it begins to get hard it doesn`t maintain a good shape until fully erect (which takes a lot of stimulation).

It has now been two weeks and no improvement. Please, any input?

I had the spongy effect -cause my girl used to gave me hardcore handjobs, and it felt like my dick snaped, and after the “snap” I was left with the sponge effect and the other simptoms you are describing- and I just left my dick alone for 2-3 weeks. I mean DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DICK for 2-3 weeks.

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