Need help with choosing from

Hello once again!

I am really interested in buying one of Autoextenders products,but Im having a hard time choosing one (duh!).

The thing is that Ive read allot about their devices at and they have thereby gained my trust. I would really want to have buy a device that would stretch my Penis All Day without Cut in blood circulation. An ADS similar to Penismaster,Sizegentics etc. =)

I see that there are 3 good products,one called AutoAds which Ive read have produced great gains for this guy
Initial AutoADS 60 day gain report: makyen .
Then We have the Vacextender which I belive is your finest piece of product and that seems to be the most comfortable of them all. With Vacuum it seems that the bloodflow will be spared from interruption=).
And then we have a new product called the AUTOX-Sleeve which seems allright to me.

Ive read about Bibs LOT theory,I have 6.00 in LOT which means I should stretch at an higher angle. But then again his LOT theory has been kicked to death in the LOT theory (Mgus words).

Which product do you guys recommend me to buy? Are there things in favor for Autoads or AutoX-Sleeve compared to Vacextender?

If you recommend AutoX-sleeve please tell me the setup that I should have and perhaps give me an example on a daily schedule.

I want to get rid of turtling too…

Thanks for your time people!