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Need help understanding erection percentages. I'M A TOTAL NEWBIE

Need help understanding erection percentages. I'M A TOTAL NEWBIE

My name is Adam and I am 22 and from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. My measurements are close to in6.25-BPEL 5.3-NBEL and about 5-EG. My goals are pretty modest as all I want to do is have a more average penis at least to begin with when I comes to my PE. My goals are 6.25-NBEL and 5.25-EG and I really am just looking to be more in the upper average instead of the lower average. If I can achieve these goals at any point I will then decide if id like to continue my PE and increase my size but we will take this one step at a time :)

I have just recently started PE, I’m a very very newbie and I want to grow for my GF who is an amazing and loving lady who truly doesn’t care about my size but unfortunately I do and I do so very very much to the point it makes me extremely depressed. I’ll spare my whole story of why I’m here but what I started this thread for was to ask and to understand how exactly the “erection percentages” ( I.E. "When jelqing have no less than 40%-50% erect and no more than 70% erect, give or take) and I’m asking like this. What is 0% erect? And what is 100% erect? Is 0 percent like completely flaccid with no engorging of the penis more or less just completely flaccid and not stimulated? And what would like 50% be? Would that be where you are engorged almost to erect size but not hard? And is %60 kinda hard? I really need to know what my ideal erection should be for jelqing and I’ll take any tips and advice on anything and not just this subject. Id also like to say I started with the newbie routine and have gotten through a week solid of it. My very 1st attempt was 2 weeks ago where I broke a vein in my lower area of my shaft but it healed rather fast and I’ve been doing the same routine but with much less force and more concentration on what I’m doing but my routine would be as follows

5min warm up
10min stretching - manual stretches
20-30min of jeqling - I would say moderate? But I’m not sure
5min warm down

I’d like to know if anything is wrong or out of place or if I should start at a lower intensity. I will say after one week my penis feels a little roughed up, nothing bad nor nothing worse then when I masturbated a lot. I have quite a few more questions and anyone who reads this can feel free to answer the ones they like, and I don’t expect to get answers to every question but I would appreciate any and all help and responses very much so!

What can I look for or expect to feel after I have done a successful jelq session?

Is my routine potentially too intense for a beginner?

I am doing PE in a secretive manner and would like any tips on good stretches and or stretching that can be done without requiring me to be locked away from anyone and everyone.

How long should you hold a manual stretch? I’ve seen varying times on every stretch.

I lose my erections rather quickly, is this normal for a lot of people and will I still potentially make gains even with this issue?

What are some signs to look for that I’m overdoing it?

Does the erection percentage gauge start when you begin to get erect and go all the way to fully erect? Or does it start at completely flaccid and go to fully erect? (I tried to find more info on this unsuccessfully)

What are good vitamins and or foods or nutrients to help supplement PE?

Should I add anything like hanging, ADS or any other kind of addition PE to my routine to maximize gains or is it common to see good/moderate gains without these in addition a jelqing and stretching routine?

One last question, I am a recovering drug addict and am on suboxone which can and does lower my sensation in my penis leading to a decrease in EQ and difficulty ejaculating, should I try to wait until I am off suboxone until I should continue PE or will the PE only help my EQ, ejaculating and hopefully increase my size?

Thank you so very very much if you read all this and even thank you if you just checked in to see what I was posting :) and the biggest thanks to all in advance who give me helpful responses. I am very happy with the community I see here at Thundersplace and I know a lot of people here are extremely experienced in PE and will help guide me in the right direction and I just want to say I am very much looking forward to this and it will hopefully finally ease my mind on my insecurity of my penis size. Thanks everyone!

Just stick to the Newbie routine for (at least) your first 3 months. That’s the most beneficial thing I could say to you right now.


just regarding your questions about EQ: think about a complete stop in porn consumption and even retain from masturbation. this may help increase your EQ quite fast. it has a lot to do with what porn does to the male brain, especially if you are young.

i can only recommend it!

By the way: great writing, I like your style and honesty.

Best regards

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Dude I know totally where you are head space wise. I’m in the same boat with my partner’s satisfaction and it being in my head. You have lots of questions all in one place so I’ll try to go down them from the top:

First, I’d say back up and read the newbie routine. You are sort of doing it but sort of not. The ramp up is very very important since it conditions your tissues. If you are doing 3 second jelqs and starting with 300 of those then you wouldn’t be jelqing for more than 15 minutes (3 seconds per jelq times 100 jelqs is 5 minutes). You should be shooting for each jelq to take 2-3 seconds so that it is slow and methodical. I also recommend starting with wet jelqs not dry jelqs. You may be starting a bit too intense actually, so dial it back. As far as pressure start lighter and then get heavier as you get more comfortable. You shouldn’t be breaking any blood vessels or seeing bumps if you are doing it right. If you are seeing any thing like that you need to dial it back.

As to what your dick will feel like afterward. When you are starting and you get a good workout it’ll feel like it does when you’ve cum a couple of times in an evening. I call it “tired dick” feeling. It shouldn’t last for more than 24 hours. If it does, then dial back the pressure on the next workout. I suggest never doing a PE routine if your dick feels like that right before, whether that’s from a previous PE session, too much sex or any other reason. Your dick should feel in tip top shape before your workout and most certainly shouldn’t feel blown out afterward. A little tenderness, again like having too many orgasms the night before, is the most you want.

The way I do stretching is to just grab right behind the head and tug. I hold the stretch in each direction for 30 seconds and then alternate. I do it in a similar way as you would tighten lugs on a car. I start down, then I do up. Then I do left, right, straight out, left down diagonal, right up diagonal, right down diagonal, left up diagonal. When I first start I only do the primary directions (down, up, left, right and out) for two sets of 3 seconds each. You should be able to do this in the bathroom pretty privately, but make sure you warm up. I also do some tugs when I go pee during the day. They aren’t as intense as during the routine, but just enough to stretch it out a bit.

Your EQ is a good sign if you are doing it too intensely as is how your dick feels 24 hours later. Obviously injury is another big sign, but I think you are looking for early warning signs. During the workout if you feel any discomfort or notice any discoloration or anything stop immediately, go to your warm down and wait until everything seems back to normal. Back to the question of EQ as a sign of overwork. The best EQ indicator is morning wood. There are too many psychological drivers of EQ for someone like you and me. I can psyche my way out of a hardon in the hottest scenario and it has nothing to do with PE or overall health. Morning wood is out of your control. You should be looking to make sure there isn’t a dramatic change in that. If you never got it, don’t worry about it. If it reliably is rock hard every morning and it starts to go down, then that may be an indication of overuse. In that case dial it back. If you are like me and sometimes it’s hard sometimes it’s not, just keep an eye on it and make sure the frequency of about it is somewhat the same. I know I’m in a good stride when my morning wood is on the upswing.

You are taking the EQ chart to be more precise than it is. 0% is fully flaccid, not necessarily scrunched. 100% is fully hard. Don’t worry about the degrees from 0-50%. 50% is some engorging going on but it’s still nice and spongy. 80% is when it’s got some stiffness and if you grip the base hard it can get nearly fully hard. For jelqing you want to be between 50% and 80%. At that point your dick is engorged enough to get the pressure increase from the jelq but not so hard that you risk breaking something. For stretching you want to be 50% or less.

Diet wise treat it like general fitness, eat clean and a balanced diet. As to any other techniques or tools, I’d say shun them until you are several months into consistently using the newbie program. There is no point in anything else.

I don’t think you need to wait to start this. Your EQ is driven a lot by psychological rather than physiological factors, probably. This may or may not help with that.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions or want to chat more about my answers.

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Hi, Ulffie - Adam!

Don’t waist your time understanding erection percentages, because there is no consensus over this concept. Some contributing members came with ingenious ideas to define more precisely erection levels, but people still use their own perception instead of an accepted erection scale.

I advise you to skip any recommendation involving very precise percentages (like 35%), being totally subjective.

As about jelqing, keep in mind that you should have an erection level above completely flaccid and below ”unbendable”. More exactly well engorged, but still pointing downward.

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Thanks for all the great help guys :)

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