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NEED HELP Suicide soon

NEED HELP Suicide soon

Hails, (Sorry for my bad English grammer)

I don’t know how to start.I will make it short.
I am 22 years old. Had a lot of girlfriends till this age, all left me because of my small penis.

MY PENIS SIZE : 2.8 inch (7.2)

2 years ago I have found this website. I have tried jelqing , I have tried 2 different types of pills (V-Pills and VigrX) , I have tried pumping..

After taking more than 1400 pills , more than 600 days of jelqing and pumping..

Result: 0.3 inch (0.7 cm) in 2 years.

Doctors says “loose fat”.”If you are overweighted then you dick will look like small” etc..

I have lost 33 pound.

Result: 0.0 inch

At last I went to see doctors (a lot of really.) with my family.

They offer surgery , they tell me that I have to because I have no other choice.The surgery they are talking about is “cutting 2 of the muscles which holds penis” .(Ok there is a scientific term for that but I don’t remember right now)

1st problem : All the people who have undergone this surgery complains about it.
2nd problem : If I do this surgery , as doctors said , I can gain 1 inch max (and this max is for normal means I can gain 0.5 inch max)

SO.with surgery + pills + pump + jelqing I can gain 1.7 inch in 8 years. The result will be 4.5 inch.

Is there anyone can help me? Any doctor you know who can “fix” me? I am at the edge of suicide.

I should reply to those who will say “man come on it is not that important.” or “try other things”
***I have read most of the posts here. People who are PEing have 5,6,7 inchs. I have 2.8.
You really have no idea to have a really small penis. You couldn’t take shower at gym in school? Lol , I can’t go to swimming anyway, I can’t go to any physical training stuff , I can’t wear shorts .people mock to death.
My fionce left me..

Again is there anyone with real advice?

Not these advices!
1. Take a care of yourself , be handsome , make some muscles (Oh yeah, I have been with more than 100 girls till now, I think this eliminates that “maybe I am ugly” option)
2. Girls love rich guys , work , be rich (Please try to calculate how much money I spent in 2 years just for PEing.. I am not Bill Gates but much more than average)
3. Learn how to do oral sex, girls love it! ( Oh yeah they love it , I know.After learning this I have became a “pro” in this section.But no matter how many times you do oral sex to them , they want .. You know)

Firstly if you are religous killing yourself is not the answer.

You need to do stretching and jelqing MUCH more as I think it perhaps has not been enough.

Have you got any pics your units so perhaps we could view the issue further.

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I can’t quite understand what your going through, however I will ask you a question. Are you willing to be defined by that one part of you. Have you not asked yourself am I a good friend, a moral person, a loyal son, brother etc. You are not a walking penis and should not define yourself by it. Killing yourself will affect everyone you know in a negative way.

I don’t know what your religious views are but could you kill yourself and then face everyone you know in a different plain, could you really tell those that you love and who love you that is the reason that your willing to end it. I don’t think anyone would accept that.

Shift your focus and see that other things are out their that bring pleasure, joy, fulfillment. Maybe some of the people on this forum are preoccupied with one thing, but there are also others that know its only one of the pleasures of life. Become a greater person than what your physical aspects are, ask a paraplegic if they would like to walk, even if they had a one inch penis.

Hope its something to think about

Well whether you believe me or not, you obviously haven’t come by the right woman. Thats the first point to be made. If you can find a woman who is more interested in you, your mind, your heart, the RIGHT woman will pardon your size.

I’m small myself, with a non-boned pressed EL of 4.0” and an erect girth of 3.75” on a good day. I actually have had stimulating sex with a girl, you have to mix it up with oral (YES I SAID IT) and learn to last for a long time. You are not far from my size. If I can do it you can too.

ALSO! You need to reconsider how you are doing PE! Not just jelqs, but stretching, and look into ADS! I promise you ADS will make a helpful difference. Drop pumping and pills for now. PM me, I can try to see if I can help you start on a new track with PE, since we’re both small we can relate.

It may take time, but eventually you will break the 4 inch marker. If all the women you have been dating have left you because of your size, you clearly have not been looking for the right women.

And lastly, I can relate buddy. I have trouble doing things like dressing at the gym in the locker room, or going to a swimming pool out of fear that I’ll be noticed for my smaller size. It gets to me to this day. This is why I am DETERMINED. You must continue to be determined. Oh, and by the way, PM me about surgery, if you are looking primarily for length, I can discuss with you a lot of the information I know about it. Surgery is risky, and can even have the opposite effect, but its good to learn all you can before making any wild decisions.

All in all, I would say you need to re-consider your approach to all this. There is no need for suicide. Believe me, as much as the penis can rule our lives, IT IS NOT WHAT DEFINES OUR LIFE. I believe that your penis size is just one test, one obstacle of many in life. There are PLENTY OF PEOPLE HERE on these forums who have GAINED! Believe me, its possible for you too. One way or another you will gain, I PROMISE.

Your family loves you, and your purpose on Earth was not to have a big penis. Your purpose on Earth is for you to discover yourself, BUT I PROMISE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR PENISES! Dude, I’m a small guy too but I have love in my life. So if I can have love in my life, you can too. Besides maybe its a good thing these women left, you don’t want to be married to a slut who obsesses over penis size.

Sorry for the wordy post, but I just want you to come back from the world of “suicide” because I know its not right. I am in the same boat as you friend, and I have learned to conquer some of these insecurities, but there are many more battles ahead.

Determination and Faith in what is Right will assure you success, good luck my friend and please keep in touch with me through private messages :D

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It sounds like there is much more effort and variation you could put into your PE efforts. You mentioned pills, which everyone knows are worthless. You also mentioned jelking and pumping, but what about hanging, stretching, clamping, squeezes, ADS’s etc?

I understand your pain. But can you really say that life is not worth living if you are not happy with your penis?
I think you are exaggerating the problems you have. You can wear shorts, go to the gym and go swimming. You can do anything anyone else can do. If you don’t want to get naked in front of other people, that makes you no different than many other men of all sizes.

Your problem is with your perceived, and perhaps real, difficulty with sexual intercourse. That is all. It is a big world out there, don’t waste your life thinking that sex is the only important thing.

Keep doing PE, and find things you love and appreciate about this world and your life. Make friends with women, and be honest with them about your problem. You might find one that doesn’t really care.

Horny Bastard

Hi hexmaster and welcome.

The pills will not make you bigger. All the pills will do is take your $ away.

Did the doctors mention that after cutting you they will have you do PE and/or hang weights? I would not let them cut. Your penis is not as big as you would like but it works. The doctors that cut penises have broken many penises.

Are you still doing PE or pumping? I know that 1/3 inch in 2 years might not feel like a lot but it is something. Do not give up. Keep doing the PE and you will get bigger. Post your routine. Tell the guys exactly what you are doing with PE and they may be able to help you find better ways of doing it.

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Hi Hexmaster, and welcome. I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling so desperate. You’ve already eliminated most of the advice I would offer with the list at the end of your post (all of which is good advice, in my opinion.)

I do feel obliged however to point out that being an attractive, financially stable man who is an expert at providing women with oral pleasure is a great combination of qualities to have. It also sounds like you have a loving and supportive family.
There are women out there who would consider you a great catch, based on those qualities alone.

The reality is that life is hard, and you’ve been dealt an extra hard hand when it comes to penis size. This is a reality you will have to live with. But remember this: there are far, far worse hands you could have been dealt!

With regard to PE, realistically you might be able to gain an inch or two with dedication and persistence, perhaps more. But it will be a long and slow process, and this alone will not be sufficient to deal with the underlying issues of size anxiety. I strongly recommend that you seek out a good therapist to work with you in addressing this issue.

This site is also a good place to find support and brotherhood. We all really do feel your pain, and are here to listen and help out any way we can.

Here’s a thread you may not have seen that might be inspirational: 2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

I wish you all the best, and look forward to more posts from you.

Best of luck to you my friend!

Did I read it wrong or did he say he’d been with 100 women?

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Originally Posted by D2G
Well whether you believe me or not, you obviously haven’t come by the right woman.

Absolutely. Hexmaster, even if we are to talk about sex by itself — apart from everything else in a relationship — you clearly have had an unusual sample of 100+ women if none of them was happy sexually. I have been with many fewer women than you, and I have encountered some who don't give a shit about intercourse at all, compared to oral sex and other things. (And my lesbian friends tell me that up to about half of women don’t bother with dildo penetration in lesbian relations.) If you consider the HUGE number of young men who have serious premature ejaculation problems (e.g., cumming within 10 seconds of penetration), or erection problems, you will realize that LOTS and LOTS of women are happy in their relationships, sexually and otherwise, even though they don’t have much vaginal intercourse. And it doesn’t sound like you have problems with erections or with lasting, so it’s not as if you can’t provide intercourse; your penis is simply smaller than most. Please keep this in perspective.

Originally Posted by mravg
I think you are exaggerating the problems you have. You can wear shorts, go to the gym and go swimming.

Yes. Hexmaster, you can’t see any visible bulge on 90+% of men who are wearing shorts or swimshorts. There is no reason you should feel different from anyone else in those situations.

Originally Posted by mravg
Make friends with women, and be honest with them about your problem. You might find one that doesn’t really care.

Great idea. Getting your insecurity out there (without looking weak) will help you to not be so worried about it, and it will weed out those women who care a lot about penis size.

And, yes, keep PEing, and try some of the new methods mentioned above — hanging, ADS, etc. If you can get up to 4”, it will make a huge difference in your self-confidence in this area. There are lots and lots and lots of guys walking around with 4” penises. They are just as common as 7” penises, if the average is about 5.5”.

I’m thinking that if you haven’t tried hanging then you’ve at least one avenue more to try.

androNYC ,

Careful with your choice of words. No joke.


I didn’t think twice about Andro’s choice of words, that is a PE option and one that will work. As Ru pointed out, if he goes the surgical route, the doctor will have him “hanging” weights off his penis as part of the healing process.

This is a PE forum, not the local psych ward. And while I am not going to make light of the OP’s issues, we are here to discuss how to help him gain a larger unit by what ever means are available.

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I agree totally, but it’s always good to keep an eye out so that nothing could be misread, especially since the subconscious might pick up what the mind doesn’t.

Not knowing any more than you, I think surgery is a route only worth following after considerable thought and research. If PE is inevitable, why include potentially surgery that may have no greater long-term effects than unsightly scars?

I do not, nor have I ever recommended to anyone that they have surgery done. Go back and re read what I said.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Originally Posted by tomdi
AndroNYC ,

Careful with your choice of words. No joke.

It wasn’t until pointed out that it occurred to me that anyone could mis-take my meaning— perhaps that’s what they mean by pure of heart ;) ?

We have a hangers’ forum— and ‘ru mentioned it in passing. I think that the OP asked for PE solutions, and I believe that hanging [weights off the end of his dick] may offer the most likely resolution for his situation.


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