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need help plz.

need help plz.


I’ve been around PE for around 2 years now. Everytime I begin with a routine I stick with it for about 2 weeks then I don’t know why but I quit.. Then a month later I still want to enlarge… And the same pattern again and again..
But 2-3 months ago, I noticed that I have difficulties to maintain my erection… I’m fully erect and then I feel a like shiver (VERY far from orgasm) and then it goes down and it’s very hard to get it back up… I’ve had problems with 2 girls up to now…

SO, do you guys know a good routine that would help my erection problems PLUS enlarge my penis (lenght/girth). I really need help from you guys cuz my sexual life is really suffering.. and so am I…

Thank You.


Lenght : 7,4 Inch Target : 9,0 Inch
Girth : 5,5 Inch Target : 6,00-6,25 Inch

-------------------------------------- Currently 7.5 lenght approx. 5.5 girth Goal : 9 lenght 6.5 girth


by the way I’m 19 and I currently don’t have a routine and I don’t take any supplements.. and I prefer not taking any.


-------------------------------------- Currently 7.5 lenght approx. 5.5 girth Goal : 9 lenght 6.5 girth

Please read the Forum Guidelines when you get the time. We try to avoid things like ‘plz’ here.

Erection problems are mostly a matter of the mind. There are physical reasons but they seem to effect completely the ability to get an erection. If you are attempting to hold back an orgasm and though you don’t ejaculate you feel a similar release this can sometimes cause the penis to lose its erection. There are others here who know a lot more about this than me, check out the Mens Sexual health forum.

A PE routine will in all liklihood make your penis feel fitter and enlarge your penis. I know it can be boring but unless you are willing to commit to more than 2 weeks internitently you will not get very far.

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