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Need help painless injury possibly

Need help painless injury possibly

OK I just started PEing about a week ago. I’m already thick at 5.7”EG and trying to work on length but I can’t seem to get under 80% erection to work on length so I’ve been working on my girth. My problem is that I just noticed two days ago that the base of my dick feels thinner and more loose when not at full erection. It’s hard to explain. OK you know when you make the ok sign with your hand.then you put it at the base of the penis and squeeze a little.well that part right there feels like if I squeeze hard enough I can make my fingers touch each other but when I start moving my hand up to my head it feels so much thicker kinda like the baseball bat effect but at the base. Ok say you got a straw full of mud put your fingers at the base and squeeze forward feels like your pushing something up the straw and when you come back to the beginning it should feel the same way right? Well my dick doesn’ feels like I pushed something up my dick and there’s nothing there when I start at the beginning I make any sense? I just want to know if that is normal or not because when I first started PEing it did not feel that way. Well if I don’t make any sense then I apologize for wasting your time.

Peculiar. I haven’t noticed anything like this with my own unit, and I don’t recall ever having read a post from another member describing the same thing. Are you absolutely positive that your penis simply wasn’t thinner at the base, or have this odd feeling, pre-PE?

Then again, perhaps as a result of your 80%+ jeqling, you’ve allowed for a condition in your penis in which there is more blood nearer to the glans of your penis than at the base when you’re not erect.

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Most guys starting PE have never really explored their penis. Yes, they’ve masturbated and may have had sex, but they’ve never felt around for ligs and attachments. So, they don’t know what is normal and what isn’t. It’s unlikely that you’ve done something to change your penis in a week. What you’re feeling was already that way.

My penis is the same at the base. It’s not as wide as the rest of the shaft. Everyone has something a bit different. We’re not all built to look like the textbook example. The erectile portion of the penis, as you may know, is made of twin cylinders that fill with blood (the corpora cavernosa). Inside the body they split and the end of each one is attached to the pelvic bone (see this and this). At the point where they separate, they become smaller in diameter and this may be what you’re feeling.

I think you’re normal. You may not be the same as other guys, but you’re the same as me and what is “normal” can vary widely.

As far as being too erect for jelqs. You’ll eventually get used to stroking your dick for growth and not for orgasm (as in masturbation). This is a common problem for newbies. You’ll get used to it and then have to find ways of keeping it up! :)

Thanks guys

I feel a lot better now. My penis is a little thinner at the base but that feeling wasn’t there the first week I did just kinda freaked me out when I started again after a day off it felt like even when I was at least 70-80% erect that I could hold my penis at the base and bend it to whatever direction I wanted. But I have no problem when I’m fully erect and my penis feels more massive! Just a quick question since I’m already posting, I’ll do the research after I can I increase the girth at the base of my penis?

Originally Posted by sheddinskin19

Just a quick question since I’m already posting, I’ll do the research after I can I increase the girth at the base of my penis?

Assuming you used the search button at the top right of the page and the search term “increase base girth,” what did you learn? :leftie:

So far I’ve learned that hanging is good for increasing base girth, and so is pumping. Umm manual stretches? And reverse dry jelqs?

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