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Need help. No gains, just loose skin.

Need help. No gains, just loose skin.

Hi all. I’ve been using a Male Edge extender for about 4-5 months now, about 2 hrs a day. (With some off days here and there) So far seen no visible gains in length, just a lot more loose skin. At this rate even if I get gains the skin stretching will be huge.. Might have to get surgery to remove it after. (That means scars) I’m not sure what’s going wrong. The extender is all I use. I’ve read traction causes less skin loosening than jelqing.

I don’t know if this is an issue but I can’t seem to get more than about 1000-1200g of force on the extender. I can handle a lot more but get major slippage after a few mins. I try tightening it more but it’s at about max now without cutting off circulation totally. I wrap my dick in an ACE bandage and paper towel before stretching. Back when I started there were no slippage problems, they only seemed to come once my skin started loosening. Not sure how to make the grip better with all this loose skin.

My main questions are what can I do to make PE actually work so I get gains? I’m starting at less than 5in so I really need it to work. Also, is there anything that can be done about the loose skin? (Anyone on the forum get skin removed after PE?) Thanks in advance for any help.

2 hours per day is nothing my friend until you use the extender 2cm above your bepel

Thanks for replying. So are you saying I must stretch above BPEL to achieve gains? Btw, I have tried to do that, but my device keeps slipping when I go to heavier stretching no matter what I seem to try.

Replace the comfort strap either with a noose-style attachment (discomfortable) or a vacuum cap attachment. You can find the vacuum cap on

2 hours per day can give gains, it will just require more time.

Tried a manual routine? It costs nothing and takes less time.

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It’s, sorry.

Thanks for replying. Are you saying the vacuum cap attachment and/or the noose attachment will not have the same skin-stretching issue that the comfort strap has? Or are you saying they are just better with reducing the slipping problem? To answer your question, I haven’t tried a manual routine yet. I read on the forum it may lead to more skin stretching, which is what I’d like to avoid.

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