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Need help! More than just size.

Need help! More than just size.

So my gf discovered the other day that she likes things a bit rougher (which aint bad in my opinion). There is a problem however… I can’t perform as well as I want to.

The thing is… I prematurely ejaculate. On top of that, I have trouble staying hard. I never had that issue early on in our relationship but one day when she wasn’t in the best mood she said some things that hurt my confidence (nothing about penis size). Ever since then I have been in limbo. Even before she said those things I wasn’t exactly iron rod or anything.

What can I do?!?! I know there are mental things I need to get over and over time they have been getting better. Aside from that, can anyone please recommend me a routine that will make me stiff as a board? I do not care about gaining size at all, just gaining firmness.

I have jelqed in the past but I feel like I need to address these issues before I tackle gaining some size. I have heard jeqling can improve EQ but my results have been mixed. Perhaps I should focus more on kegels while doing a small amount of jelqing (much less than the newbie routine).

Try everything and see what works for you. Do you masturbate often? If so, cut down on the frequency. You watch a lot of porn? If so, cut that out. I take AAKG (form of L-Arginine) with L-Citrulline and it helps my EQ. Try that see if it works for you. And the most important thing, which is consequently the hardest, is to relax. Enjoy yourself. BE the stud she wants you to be. Its all in your head brother.

Not for sure but sounds more mental than anything.You might have performance anxiety or your not focused on her example: you use mental imagery to get off instead of her happens to alot of guys.Over fantasizing all the time could be one of things try what um1991 said

Very good advises above.
For me this works well to achieve a good hardness:
1) never masturbate
2) no porn (not at all)
3) PE: no stretches, only jelq (and good warm up before and after)

The only issue is that with this “procedure” I can prematurely eiaculate. But only in the first “round”;)

Cordyceps and ginko biloba and horny goat weed.

I just started taking these in combination and the erections are so intense sometimes that they can be almost painful.

And discuss this with your GF. Some women are surprisingly sensitive to our anxieties and are willing to help.

It sounds like performance anxiety. You might want to read the thread below. It’s kinda related:

Young Guys - SiZE ANXIETY is DUMB

I experienced what you have a few times in the past. I was scared I couldn’t meet their expectations and that caused me problems, for a short while. I refused to go out with some girls like that when I was young. I was scared shitless of them.

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Originally Posted by bohm
I was scared shitless of them.

I’m still scared shitless by them!

I find that stretching and wearing my extender give my EQ a boost.

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