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Need help getting started again

Need help getting started again

I just started pe after a long break. I started the newbie routine except with only 100 jelqs to start. And even with reps that low after 2 days and 1 day off, the next day I already have negative indicators. My flaccid is shrunk in the morning and I have lost erect size too. My erection quality is lower. Before when I pe’d I didn’t know about the PI’s and I just kept switching my routine. But I thought now that I do I will pay close attention to them. And it seems like everytime I try to start a routine now I get negative PI’s. I think it would be pointless to do any less of a routine. Should I just keep it like it is and hope that it changes after awhile? Or could something else be wrong?

How hard would you say you’re squeezing and at what erection level are you doing your jelqs?

I try to use moderate pressure now because I had a problem with that before. I start off at about 85% erection and it goes down to about 60-70 as I go. Then I stop and get it back up to 80-85. Etc.

What exactly are the negative indicators you’re experiencing? Also, what kind of warmup do you do?

The indicators were: after just those 2 days of pe, my penis literally shrunk. Not a lot, but when your trying to enlarge it thats enough. And my erection quality wasn’t as good as the first day I started. I don’t normally have night or morning wood until after I’ve been on a good routine so that wasn’t a big deal. And I thought it was a little numb. My warmup is just a hot wash cloth for 5 minutes. Also I should mention after I stretched and jelqed I got a good pump. But this morning was when it seemed like something wasn’t working.

Any ideas?

The flaccid shrinking is a tough indicator. I think it’s a very fickle and unreliable PI. A lot of guys on here have experienced “turtling” after a PE session. Are you using enough lube? Maybe that could be causing too much stress to the skin, thus causing slight numbness. Maybe you’re squeezing too hard when you jelq. Not the erection %, but the strength of the squeeze. I used to squeeze pretty hard, thinking this would make for better expansion. But the change in expansion from a mild-medium squeeze and a hard one was so minimal it probably did more harm than good. I always do a 10 minute warm up before anything. Try that, with 5 minutes of stretching and then slow but light strength jelqs with lots of lube and see what happens. Are you doing kegels at all? Those also help bring your EQ up.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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Okay I was looking at the tutorial and I changed my jelq grip. I was gripping behind the head with the other hand. Now I just remove that hand as I start the next stroke. But after another 2 days with this type of technique, and with a little less pressure than before, I got the same negative indicators. My warmup was probably 10 minutes and I used more lube. I did kegels both days following the PE. It was erect kegels, 25 5 second holds and then 25 reverse 5 second holds. Could the erect kegels be the problem? I’m gonna leave things like this and see what happens. And of course check back here.

Kevin12 had to go down to like 60 jelqs. Then he got a gain.

The thread started by J123 might also have some help.

I have been doing PE nearly constantly since Sept. 07, and I still am at about 100 jelqs.

Also, you might make the jelqs shorter in time, and work up to longer ones. I have found that there is a lot of pressure built up during a long jelq. I wouldn’t be afraid to try 1 second jelqs, and see how you react.

My dick responds poorly to stretching. Maybe try leaving that part out for a few weeks? In fact I think that this might be the first thing to try, along with shorter jelqs.

85% erect would be a little high for me. I go still flexible, no hardness when I squeeze, it still “gives”. I few high erection jelqs will cause negatives for me.

Hope this helps.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

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Yeah that does help a lot. I haven’t tried everything yet. But that reminded me I got my gains before when I didn’t even know about this site. And I was just experimenting with the basic exercises. I think I got too caught up with the newbie routine and the physiologic indicators. The indicators are helpful, but I’m gonna try just jelqs and things like that.

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