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Need help from the captain

Need help from the captain

I have been recently been using the Captains Wrench and really like the grip that it gives me for stretching. However, sometimes the nylon comes up too far and pushes against the gland, and this obviously hurts and irritates it! Some would say give the Cable Clamp another click but when I do that it hurts too. It squeezes my dick too tight! I can only handle ONE click from the medium Cable Clamp. Does this mean that I’m not wrapping good enough or are the Gripper pads on the inside of the Captains Wrench not placed accordingly to my penis size, or am I wrapping the Captains Wrench around my dick to tight or to lose?

I don’t know if you will be able to summon up the Capt’n, but you should at least call his device be the correct name and that is wench, not wrench. You see a wench is a pirate term for…well never mind.

I think you’re applying the hanger too high. Try applying it about 1/4 to 1/2” below your circ scar (or the corresponding place if you don’t have one).

The skin in front of the hanger should bunch up and protect your glans from ever touching the hanger.

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