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Need help for WINTER PE

Need help for WINTER PE

I would appreciate that you guys can help me telling how to do the PE when is winter because I feel very uncomfortable doing it in the cold bathroom. (I even don’t feel comfortable masturbating when it’s very cold)

Do y’all have special tricks or habits that turns it easier? I really find it hard to make the PE in the cold bathroom, or even shave my pubic hair. What do you do to feel comfortable to make the PE on winter?

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I TOTALLY agree with you and I live in a place with pretty long winters. Some suggestions:

Space heater, IR lamp, hot bath/shower, hot tub.

:_pump: :donatecar

Just install a heat lamp in the bathroom, or engage a space heater to give you a rise. Best thing is to just take a heating pad and wear it like a diaper and crank the thermo units.

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