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Need help finding this thread

Need help finding this thread

Hi, I have been inactive here for about a year now. Time flies.

Anyways I’m looking for a specific thread where the guy had massive girth gains, he use to clamp and he could compare his unit with a coke can. I can’t find it anywhere, if someone can help me find it as I’d like to use his routine. All I remember specifically from the thread is he saying that when women seen his unit they wanted to try it to fulfill their fantasy when he was asked how women respond. He also said when getting a blowjob he only gets licks on the head and the women can’t actually suck his piece.

I think he also gained a bit in length from clamping.

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Uh… Just my opinion, but that form of PE is destructive, and while gains may be made, at what cost? Don’t risk it.

Started: 7-01-05 BPEL 6.50 in NBP 6.00 EG 4.75 in Now: BPEL 7.5 in NBP 7.0 EG 5 inch (midshaft) Goal: Girth!!

Hmm… I checked that thread, I guess that guy is even bigger than big girtha. Aristocane: “In that post workout pic, I was at 9 1/2 inches around at the base.” Edit: People suspect his dick was unusable though since he refused to talk about EQ.

Speaking of girth, here is Big Girtha’s routine:
Big Girtha’s routine for girth and flaccid hang

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