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Need help developing a novice routine I can stick to

Need help developing a novice routine I can stick to

This is a great site - very helpful, chock-full of amazing resources. I’m hoping that you guys can help me develop a routine for a novice like me that I can stick to.

I’ve already read the NEWBIE ROUTINE, but it’s not quite applicable; the only guaranteed privacy I have is in the shower. I usually do a moderate workout before showering, which could also affect any routine I choose. Is it OK to start a routine directly after exercise? Is there a corresponding “wet” newbie routine? Can I carry the techniques directly over to the shower, or are there other exercises better suited for an “aquatic” environment? :)

I’m also a rather systematic person, and am interested in monitoring my progress. It looks like most of you guys use a digital camera + ruler. How often would you recommend taking these snapshots? When is the best time to snap a picture? (Immediately before/after the routine? Some random time during the day?) I don’t want to artificially inflate my gains by measuring once when I’m “inflated”, so I’m thinking about averaging my measurements.

Sorry for asking so many questions :) Thanks again to the admins for a great site!

You could try the modified newbie routine. Just click the link in my signature. I highly recommend that you use photo measuring! I gave a example picture in the first post of the above mentioned thread. I recommend measuring for gains on every second rest day.

Good luck!

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