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Need help creating a new routine

Need help creating a new routine

I have been PEing since June 2008 and haven’t seemed to gain much. My original stats were BPEL- 7 1/8, EG Mid- 4 7/8, and EG Base- 5 1/4. Now my stats are BPEL- 7 3/8, EG Mid- 4 7/8(still), EG Base- 5 2/8. I think I want to focus on length, because I have read that girth gains my hinder length gains.

The routine I have been doing since July is:
10 minute warm up
1 15-second helishake
10 30-second stretches (down, up, out, left, right)
1 15-second helishake
25 dry jelqs
5 10-second holds
100 wet jelqs
10 minute warm down

I would do this routine every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I want to gain length, but I’m not sure what to do. Do I do a lot more stretches and/or increase workout days? Should I stretch on off days? Also I’m not sure if I’m doing stretches correctly. I lose grip sometimes and the head gets red like I’m trapping blood.

I’m just trying to find out what would cause more length gains. More workouts, more stretches, more jelqs? Hopefully a lot of people can help since it would be good to get different perspectives.

That’s a pretty detailed routine. I just do 10 minutes of jelqing 10 minutes of clamping and some edging before and after. I’ve been doing this for a long time now and I’ve had good results. I’m going for girth so don’t follow my routine.

Try adding some more hanging and stretching into your routine if you want length. Jelqing is good for and overall work out but if you do your jelqing at a lower erection level it will induce more of a pulling action leading to more length than girth gains. Also wet jelqing tends to have a more pulling motion to it compared to the expanding feel of dry jelqing.

I would say:

-5-10 minute warm up
-10 minute wet, low erection jelqing
-10-20 minute hanging or stretching or both
-5-10 minute cool down

i would throw in some V stretches. my favorite way is to put a stick over my legs while i sit down. bring the penis over the stick and stretch down. i can hold it for a good minute at least and i get a really good stretch.

Originally Posted by madadi

i would throw in some V stretches. my favorite way is to put a stick over my legs while i sit down. bring the penis over the stick and stretch down. i can hold it for a good minute at least and i get a really good stretch.

Please apply the house rules about grammar and spelling. Thanks in advance.

To the OP: IMHO, helishake (are you speaking of s.c. ‘helicopter stretches’?) won’t do so much. If yyou want to gain length, you have to go longer on stretches and, as Madadi said, add some ‘V’ and ‘A’ streches.

I used to go to another PE site, but mot many people answered questions so I came here. On that site they had an exercise called helicopter shakes, which involved gripping the penis at the base for and spinning the penis on a vertical axis for about 15 seconds. It was supposed to increase blood flow to the penis and relax the tissues. Do you think that exercise is not necessary Marinera.

For my new routine I was thinking:
10-minute Warm up and Warm down
2 sets - 30 second stretches (Down, Up, Out, Right, Left)
2 set - 30 second V-Stretches (Down at base, Down at Mid)
2 set - 30 second A-Stretches (Up at base, up at Mid)
200 Wet Jelqs (Increasing 50 reps every 2 weeks)

I was thinking of doing this full routine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the stretching routine every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Warm up and Warm downs with stretches also).

Does this sound like a good routine? Thanks for your responses.

I think helicopters do nothing. It doesn’t apply enough tension for enough time to create gains, IMHO.

Yeah I always thought the helicopters were kinda useless. I guess the might loosen it up a bit and get the blood flowing but other than that I don’t see the purpose.

Does the workout routine I outlined though, seem pretty good, or too much? From what I read in another thread, stretching 6-7 days a weak is good, because it puts tension on the ligs almost every day (6 days) or everyday (7 days). I was looking for experienced opinions if the routine is sound, but I will still look out for PI’s.

It is not clear the total stretching time, to me, but it doesn’t look bad anyway. If you have a 18 months PE experience, you should be able to understand by yourself if it is enough/too much work. No one can answer this question in abstract, sorry.

Ok, thanks Marinera. It would be 15 minutes total stretch time. I would rather measure stretches and jelqs in individual reps to avoid variation from one workout to the next.

I just didn’t want to be doing a lot of stretching and then have to do more and more to keep gaining. I’ve read that some people were saying try to go light so you don’t have to be doing extreme workouts to get gains. But it is hard to know if the extreme workout is need because of starting out heavy, or because they is the proper stimulus for growth.

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