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Need help and Input

Need help and Input

Hello everyone, I’ve been do P.E. For 5 years on and off, mostly off. I have gained close to 1 3/4 in. Recently I have set the goal of being more constant. For a long while if have been following the 2 on 1 off routine but after doing more research I have uped my routine to 6 on 1 off. I feel as if this will really help my gains. In the first week I have noticed a longer flaccid length and what seems to be a longer erect length.

I have also added much more stretching to my routine. I did not do much stretching in the beginning but I am truly dedicated to get massive gains now. I have complied my routine from other members routines and variations of the routines that I have adapted. I am asking anyone willing to help to make suggestions on my workout. Well here it is:

Warm up:

10 min in a spice bottle filled with hot water (such as a seasoning salt bottle)


Long slong’s: straight out, down, down to the left, down to the right, left to the side , right to the side, straight up, up to the left, up to the right I hold these for 30 seconds each

Bundled: Same positioning and time as with the long slong’s

Aided V and A stretches: at the base and mid shaft; down, up, left, right I also hold these for 30 seconds each position ( including mid shaft)


10 min pump using john’s only pump


20 min at 40% - 60%

Then I break and shake out the tension. Also I twirl my member around at the base 20 revolutions in each direction( I read that this is very helpful in keeping the ligs loose)

10 more min of the same jelqing ( occasionally I gain a full erection and edge during the entire jelq routine, as well as doing the caterpillar squeeze and a few blaster’s)

Clamping: (using standard cable clamp)

I put the clamp on at about 85% erect level and gain a full erection before clamping the last notch.

I let this sit until I drop to about 60% then I begin jelqing. I continue jelqing mixed with edging and blaster’s and the caterpillar squeeze. This last about 15 min, with the last 4 to 5 min I do bends ( forward, backwards, left and right, 30 seconds each direction, so 2 reps each) Then I remove the clamp, loosen the ligs again and repeat another set of the complete clamping routine.

Warm down:

I always shower to warm down messaging and doing a few ball stretches and messages with the soap.


I perform the complete stretching from the beginning of the workout

Well! That’s it, I am ready to see what other advanced members think about my workout. I hope a can make some changes or adaptations to improve gains more quickly. PLEASE HELP!!

P.S. Great porn helps me keep the intensity!

I have gained close to 1 3/4 in

I think you should be the one answering the questions. ;)

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Ok, thanks but I don’t truly understanding the difference the between the warm down and the cool down, please explain.


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