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need help and advise

need help and advise

glad i found…….hope u guys here and help me out of my problem….i circumsized last 3 years due to phimosis(extreme degree). i know maybe i’m too late to doing this but only by then i prepared myself to circ (after searched millions information about phimosis). the circ took out my inner part of the forskin and now the joint just below the glan, the problem is, some of the foreskin still attached to the glan(normally the foreskin can pull down and expose the glan, but mine joint together and not balance - left and right skin). my frenulum still attached but cant see (covered by the foreskin)……and my glan look ugly with marks of deadskin(in dark color) left over(hope u understand what i mean)…..(better if i have digicam here and show u guys, too bad broken….)……conclusion……i want to refine my dick to look nicer… least look like a clean dick….and lately i found out that my sperm truned yellowish and some kind of jelly(clear yellowish colour) form within(just a few)………….i feel so bad bout my private part………what can i do???????????


I realise that English might not be your mother tongue but please try to make an effort to not write in a chat style. Capitalisation and paragraphing will help you here. Check the Forum Guidelines.

I don’t have the skills to answer your question but there are guys who will answer. You may need to wait a while for an answer though.

That’s an interesting situation. I would suggest looking into plastic surgery if you feel comfortable having it done in Malaysia.

Your english is pretty good, if you just tidy up the punctuation it will be much more readable.

As to your problem, can you talk to the doctor/surgeon who performed your circ? Or another?

Are there any plastic surgery specialists you could have a consultation with?

Is the semen problem still occurring?

I too, am not qualified to answer your question, but I think there are some members who can. Hopefully they will see your thread soon.

passion - Circumcision in adults is a nasty business. It is often done without first trying less drastic solutions to whatever the problem may be. The results can often be ugly and interfere with normal penile functions, such as intercourse. There are many web sites that discuss circumcision. This page from has photos of skin bridges, which may be the problem you have. Simple ones are easily corrected, but yours sounds like it involves a lot of scar tissue. (You’ll find links at the bottom of that page to photo pages of other complications of circumcision.)

Your only option now, three years later, is to talk to a urologist or plastic surgeon who might be able to remove the scars and give you something that looks more “normal” (if a penis without a foreskin can be considered normal). There isn’t anything you can do on your own.

Good luck.


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