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Need Expert Advicehelp

Need Expert Advicehelp

Ok.I started PE 2 days ago.I’ve made a few posts..

I was just thinkin about this and wondered if anyone knew the facts..

I have muscular dystrophy. It makes my muscels weak.They can’t grow.

Working out won’t do anything..

Do you think it’s the same for my cock? Isn’t it a muscel I’m tryin to grow?

No it’s not the same for your penis. The penis isn’t a muscle, what you are doing with PE is expanding and lengthening tissue and veins.

No, the penis is not a muscle. However, two-thirds of the penis is muscle-like in structure, made up of the corpus cavernosa. The spongy tissue of the corpus cavernosa runs along the inside length of the penis.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

But isnt that how to grow muscels? Expanding the tissue? Ripping them and then having them heal? Does anyone really know if it’ll work for my condition?

What type of MD do you have?

I can’t say with certainty that PE will or won’t work for you, but I do know that all forms of MD are progressive and that over time your condition will worsen, but you already know that. I would be willing to bet that you can slow down the degeneration by working with a therapist who will guide you along. You can’t stop what is happening to your body, but you might be able to slow it down some.

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