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Need Experience Advice: Easier to Jelq after ejaculate

Need Experience Advice: Easier to Jelq after ejaculate

Hi Everyone,

I am newbie here and I need some good advice, I been trying to jelq for about a week and I found out is quite difficult to me as I always reach erection to 90-100% and I have to break for about 30 sec to continue back and it when again 90-100%.

One day I decided to ejaculate to make it flaccid, but when it is flaccid, is so much easier to jelq as it is just hang there, from there I can pull longer from the flaccid state compare to erection state.

So the advice I need is, will this after-ejaculate flaccid state will provide more result on jelqing? If yes, does that mean I need to masturbate once on every PE I need to do?

it takes a little while for your penis to adjust, but after a week or two, it won’t be that difficult to maintain a consistent erection of whatever percentage you desire. Just give it some time.

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Consistency is King

Welcome to the forum.
I agree with Bbcs … It will take a week or so for your dick to get accustom to the idea that Jelqing is “work-out” time and not play time.

Personally, I would recommend against ejaculating in conjunction with my PE workouts … Either before or after the workout. The statistics have shown that ejaculating when you PE can reduce your gains. The studies have never been clear as to why this is the case. My theory is that ejaculating will tend to reduce the level of discipline that you apply to PE. Given the choice between doing PE for an additional 20 minutes or squeezing one off … Most of us will do the latter and find a way to rationalize it. Sure, there are a few among us who have more discipline than that … But I think that they are the minority.

As you learn more about PE you will come to realize that consistency is the MOST important factor to success. Do your best to remove any barrier to consistency.

Keep us posted

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