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Need Experianced PE'ers advice

Need Experianced PE'ers advice

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been doing various forms of PE for the last 6 months.early on started kind of strong with no gains, posted and was told to follow the newbie routine for a while so I switched up and did. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about 2-3 months, 10 minute warm up, 10-15 minute stretches followed by 10-15 minute jelqs then either warm down or cool down depending on how I chose to do it for the time frame. While mentally I feel bigger, each time I measure I am still the same. I can’t for the life of me figure out if I am doing this wrong or not??

I read in forum posts and in logs that people feel some soreness after PEing, yet I have never felt anything since I began this process. I am not going too light as I have stretched both manually with some strength, and with a vacextender holding the stretch at as much as I could handle. When I jelq my penis is thick and I can see the redness through the base but mostly in the head. It has been very discouraging each time I measure and see no gains whatsoever.even an eighth of an inch in either length or girth would make my day at this point to show me that I am not waisting my time and that this is really possible for me.I end up not with penis envy when I read the forum but with PE’er envy as I see how some lucky people are able to grow over an inch in under 2 months following the same routine as I am.

I guess my questions are as follows:

1) Should I be feeling anything after my workouts? If so, and I am currently not.what do I need to do to actually PE correctly and hopefully get some gains.

2) When much of a grip should I be using? I am an over hand jelqer for the most part and use a nice lubricated lotion and 3-4 second strokes. I am not sure what I might be doing wrong if anything.

My LOT is at about 7 or if the theory is true it’s an uphill battle for me.but I want to continue trying.I just want to make sure I am doing it right or else I feel I am wasting my time. Any advice you might have would be welcomed.

How many days per week do you do PE?

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This is a familiar position for me as well, i have done PE on and off for years but always get frustrated and give up. I have a similar LOT, use the vacextender and are on a similar workout to you. I’m going to try for 6 months without measuring if nothing happens then i will take stock and figure out what to do then. I don’t have any answers, just words of encouragement… just hang in there man.

Kingpole: I PE typically M,T,TH, and if I can fit it in either Sat. Or Sunday.My regular newbie routine is done at night, and I try to get between 50-100 jelqs in during my shower in the morning. I am mainly concerned that I am not doing the exercises correctly as I feel nothing after exercising. When I used to go to the gym and workout, I knew I was doing something right as my muscles were somewhat sore and needing to “rebuild” as my trainer had told me.when PE’ing I don’t have any of this type of sensation.I don’t think the same motto of no pain no gain applies to PE as pain is probably a bad thing.but when I read how others feel some sort of stretch in their ligs or in other areas after just makes me wonder if I am even on the right track.

Removingends: I’ll keep at it.thanks for chiming least I know their are others in a similar boat.hopefully we can both find something that works and start making some progress.

I once started PE about 2 years ago, stuck with the newbie routine for 3 months with no gains whatsoever, so I quit. I started back with lots of determination at the beginning of March this year. I’ve been going at it ever since and have switched up my routine, added intensity, as well as time and have yet to make any gains to this day. Maybe some of us truly can’t gain. By the way, I’ve felt the soreness and even gotten a slightly better flacid at times but still no gains whatsoever. I know how you feel adxguy, it really really really sucks. I just don’t even measure anymore because it’s just too fucking heartbreaking. Wish I could help you bro, but you aren’t alone.

I don’t know anything about all these cool sounding new fangled PE devises that you guys use and so can’t comment on that. What I can tell you is that manual PE did pretty much nothing for me for many months; all of my gains came from old school hanging.

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To GainsWanted: sometimes it takes even a few months before you see a response but you can’t slack off. I hung for many weeks without any difference at all and thought I was wasting my time but after just over two months I started seeing gains without a doubt.


If you want some specific ideas:

1. Keep going for another 2-3 months. Sometimes the gains don’t “kick in” for 4-6 months, and then they can come really fast. I gained 1/2 inch in about a month, and this was about my 4th month in.

2. Do all your stuff in one routine, drop the shower jelqs in order to give yourself more rest. It reads as if you are jelqing every day in the shower. Remember what you gym trainer told you, don’t work out the same muscles every day.

3. If you do think you want to increase intensity, do it by 10% each week.

4. Measure, take 4 days off in a row, measure again before starting routine again. Do this every 2-3 weeks.

5. I am sure you watch your PI’s. If not find out about them.

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