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Need encouragement

Need encouragement

Hello guys,
I just started peeing today, I did the basic newbie routine. ( Warm up: 8mins, Stretching all directions: 5mins, Wet jelqing: 12mins, Warm up: 5mins, Massage + kegels: 5mins )

I used for lube ( Shea butter + Olive oil + a tiny bit of alcohol as I believe it is good to add so that the skin absorbs the butter and oil vitamins )

My actual size is BPEL: 15cm, EG: 11cm. I know thunders place for more than a year now, but never PE-ed before. Now that I am planning to marry my girlfriend, I took it seriously. At the same time, my girlfriend has orgasms with me but very often subconsciously complains about my penis size ( Especially Girth )

So, my main concern here is to gain in girth.

I just wanted to post this thread as a souvenir but also to get some encouragements from people who understand me.

I also want to thank all the people who contributed in this forum in order to make it a big community now.

Thank you to you all.

PS: Please post any recommendations for girth gains now that I am a real newbie.

These threads never ends popping up. I probably did one myself when I started.

Begin with the newbie routine and read here on the forum. So many thread here and so many good instructions. Just read and when you have done the newbie routine a while try other things that you have learned from reading.

Girth routine are often more advanced so it’s really nothing you you should start before you have done the newbie stuff.

Please don’t ask what the newbie routine is. You will find it here on the forum.

Good luck.

Thank you for the encouragement Keybord hahaha !


I wish You a speedy growth, and very good luck with your marriage plans.

Take Care Brother

“Do or do not... there is no try.”~Master Yoda~

"People may say bad things about you, but you must never say bad things about yourself."~Guru Pitka~

Thank you Saint. I deserve it as all of you by taking the decision to starting PE !

Just take your time. :D


“Do or do not... there is no try.”~Master Yoda~

"People may say bad things about you, but you must never say bad things about yourself."~Guru Pitka~

I’m a little curious on how she subconsciously complains about your size, does she talk in her sleep?

As keyboard said girth specific routines are advanced, but don’t worry the Newbie routine is aimed at both girth and length.

Anyways good luck on your PE journey.

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Hey mrbleide! First, congrats for your engagement!

Yeah, you pretty much as the same place as me (not the marrying part, the PE part). But I know thunder since 2005! Just god knows why it took me so much time to really do PE, I could have a bigger dick now but no - it took me all that time to really start.

Anyway, as a newbie myself, can’t recommend any girth. Thought I read that Jelq with low erection level my aim girth instead of length. :)

Luck in your journey man! And grats again for your engagement.

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I’m also confused about what a “subconscious” complaint about your penis size, “especially girth” is. Perhaps it is your own insecurity rather than something she is saying or feeling. In either case, it might be worth an effort to resolve prior to getting married so that you have a clean emotional slate before committing to each other for life.

Here’s some encouragement: this stuff works!!! You continue to educate yourself, pick a routine, follow it and you will see gains! Here’s a bit of advice from an important lesson I’ve learned: keep immaculate records. Use a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or Google documents spreadsheet to record your workouts and measurements. You’ll be amazed at how helpful it is. I fell into the trap of scratching around, changing things up constantly, adding in too many variables, and doing too many different kinds of exercises and though I had improved EQ and some small gains, things have taken on a new velocity now that I keep good records. It is much easier to give a routine an honest chance if you keep good records. It is also useful to know when something has had a good chance to work and isn’t helping when you keep good records. I’ve also been surprised to find how I’ve both overestimated and underestimated how much time I spent actually exercising. Keeping good records helps that, too, further shedding light on how effective a routine is being. It is worth the small effort and you will be really glad you did it!

Best of luck, brother!

Rock out with your cock out!

Thank you guys for the encouragement,
And by subconsciously I meant that it happens to her to say, You know what I read that girth is more important that length for a guy ( knowing that she believes that there is no way to gain in penis size ), or even yes I know that that guy has a really thick penis, or even
- I can’t see your wisdom teeth ?
- Babe I don’t have them
- So this is why your .. I meant you are still growing.
Or again, I know when she thinks of my small penis, like when we dance and stuff. Anyways.

I am here to make that crap change ! It may take a couple of years, but it’ll take what it as to take to have a healthy, thick penis. ( 4.3 inches is a bit tiny )

At the same time, I am on a diet.
I take Amino Acids, some protein, and I am looking on any other type of vitamins to have bigger veins in order to allow more blood circulation in my penis.

I sleep late at midnight or 1am though because I work at night.

But this is it, Oh and btw, thank you TenaciousD for you recommendation concerning the Excel sheet, I am doing it right away.

Thank you guys, thanks alot. I need those encouragements.

What most men on this site also needs to take into consideration when a woman complains about their penis size is that they most likely have some unresolved issues of their own, people throw out shit because they are insecure themselves most of the time. Best wishes on your journey mrbleide, hope you get satisfied for your own sake and not for your soon to be wife’s ego.

Hi as you are starting now I would only recommend you to keep the newbie routine and then after couple months start hanging and horse, hope you get some gains for your honeymoon good luck

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

Thanks alot guys, much appreciated !

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