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Need encouragement and advices

Need encouragement and advices

I need encouragement to keep doing this. I am from Paraguay. I have only 13 cm erect and 10 cm of erect girth. I started recently. But I’m having problems stretching (can’t grab my penis properly because the body is wider than the head) and also with Kegels. I’m trying my best, with patience, but I’m afraid of wasting time doing the exercises the wrong way, so they won’t have positive effects.

I’d like to receive advices from all of you who know how to work on my issues. Please I really need help. I don’t want to quit to this, I want a really good penis.

26-Nov-2014 (sin la consistencia que quiero)= Flac: 10 cm. Erection (BP): 14 cm. / NBP 12.9 cm. / Girth (Grosor): 12 cm.

Short term goal (Meta a corto plazo): 15 cm x 13 cm. Final Goal (Meta Final): 20 cm. x 16 cm.

Doing jelqs before stretching can make it easier; also make use of a toilet paper (kleenex works fine for example). If still you are unable to perform stretches, do flaccid dry jelq.

if 13 cm is NBP then is acording to what I read recently, the spanish average. I was 15cm when i first started in January, now 16cm or slightly over with a hard rock erection. I freaking tall so my case could be muc worse than you. Dont get discourage man, just dont expect to get a huge one neither achieve gains in less than 2-3 months. My gains have slowed down and I am trying changes I will update at the end of my exams. I will not give up untill I have tried all methods, and if you got time to dedicate to this you should not either :)
Begin with the newbie here 2 months, if you dont gained move up to DLD newbie routine at MOS, if you still dont grow add Ullis and squeezes.
There is a guy from MExico who was 11cm and now is over 15 cm using phallosan and penimaster pro using it at nights (even tho the ppl advises against devices while sleeping).…25225740AADSOOf…omment#openions

read his story, I think both links belong to the same guy. Itd be great if a moderator that knows spanish coul tell his opinion.


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