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Need comments on my routines

Need comments on my routines

Hi guys,

I just need some comments on my PE routines, I barely started for few days and here’s my routine:


- 2 minutes hot wrap
- 30seconds manual stretching (4 times each side)
- 2 x 60seconds BTC stretching
- 300 reps of wet jelq 3-second strokes (trying to keep it beyond 50% erection)
- 2 minutes hot wrap

I’m trying to concentrate more on length growth.

1. Is this too much or?? What are the signs of overdoing PE?
2. How do you know that you’re giving enough/too much pressure during stretching? Is it okay to do more stretching throughout the day?
3. I’m planning on buying X4 penis extender, do you recommend this?
4. I want to add kegel exercise, how much, how often, and should I do it on fully erect/flaccid?
5. Anything can be improved?

Dear veteran members, please kindly advise.
Your comments and inputs will be much appreciated!
Sorry for asking many questions, but hopefully it will help other newbies too.

Thank you so much!

Warm up

One of the tips I received while performing PE was to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes. This will keep your unit and ligaments loose and prepared for exercises. Another method that was incorporated into my routine was to gradually increase my jelqs by 5 each day Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday off. Say you start with 50 reps on Monday. Your schedule would look like this
Monday: 50
Tuesday: 52
Wednesday: 54
Thursday: 56
Friday: 58
Week 2
Monday: 52
Tuesday: 54, etc.
This was termed “micro-loading”, and has worked for me. The amount of growth will be different for each individual; however, it made sense to me and I haven’t had an injury, which is a plus. I hope this helps!

(Tall, dark, & slightly gritty)

@Gu1n3ss Yea probably 2mins warm up is a bit too short.. I’ll try ur suggestions! Thx man! Really appreciate it

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