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Need Clamping Advice

Need Clamping Advice

Right now, my unit is 7.5 BPEL x 4.7 EG. I’ve been doing Jelqs and Ulis for a couple months. I am *only* concerned with girth. In fact, I’m weary of any length gains without girth because I’m already too slender as it is. (Gotta get the right aspect ratio, am I right?)

I start clamping about a week ago. I bought the Cable Clamps at Wal-Mart, but I got a (very) white one, (too big) red one, and a blue one (huge\functionally-useless unless your actually clamping cables). So I’ve been using the little white one, but I think it might be to small. Can it be too small? Even with this little white dude wrenched on me, I still start to loose engorgement (at least in the head) at about 7 minutes. Which makes me think I’m not holding the pressure properly, and therefor defeating the purpose of the clamp anyways.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Or suggestions?


The cable clamps come in 3 sizes, the medium is the one that should suit almost all sizes, I’d avoid the small size as it may damage your cock irrevocably..

Are you sure you should break into clamping right now? Perhaps maybe up the jelqing for a few months - condition your cock first before you start constriction exercises. If you insist on clamping, use the medium size clamp and kegel a lot to keep engorged.

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Don`t clamp yet, you will kill your dick, it will fall off.

Where is that clampers forum…

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