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Need answers from users wearing extenders.

Need answers from users wearing extenders.

Whats up guys? Hope everyone’s PE is showing results. My question is I’ve been doing PE Jelqing for about 5 weeks now, I’ve noticed the veins stick out more already even during my flacid state. I’ve had a short gain of 1/8” but I do not stretch that often like I should be. I just purchased a JES Extender which stretches the penis tissue for anywheres from 4-12 hrs daily that you can where under your jeans without anybody noticing as long as there loose fit. Has any new members or veterans ever used one of these devices, are you still wearing the device, and have you had results? Or did I just waste alot of money. Feel free to post results and pics if you have. I just figured that instead of wasting time hanging a heavy load from my dick, or stretching 5 minutes for thirty seconds, why not purchase something that I can wear without having to do anything, let it stretch it for you, and continue with the jelqing for added results. Thanks

You should have done some research first, especially if you think all you have to do is smack it on and forget about it. Check the Review Forum for others’ opinions on stretchers. You can also do a search for “extenders” and find some useful info.

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I did, I even read there actual results forum where purchasers were posting there results.

I am using the Jes and have done so for over 8 months now. I am also doing manual exercises such as stretching and jelqing. My current routine is usually; 2 hours jes in the morning, 10-15min manual stretching, 2 more hours with the jes, 3-5 hours with the auto ads and one last manual session before I go to bed. Last session is about 10min manual stretching, 200 wet jelqs and 6 ulis.

The gains seems to come in spurts for me. I gained 0,5cm in 3 months, then another 0,5cm in 3 months and then 0,5cm in 1 month. I have not gained anything for almost 2months now but that does not bother me. I know the gains will come. Consistency is key what ever your method. Good luck!

I am also using an JES extender as well. Although it may be too early to see any gains, my dick feels alot thicker. Today I have worn my extender for a total of 56.5 hours in a span of 12 days (2 weeks). I’ve worked my way from 2-5 hours to 6-10 over the 2 weeks, 5 on 2 off. I am pretty sure I’m about 5X5 (not very big but that would be a big ass truck!) I really don’t have a goal to reach, I guess the ceiling is the limit. I also do 200 wet jelqs in the shower and hot wrap before and after exercising. (I think that helps alot!) But I am willing to take time with stretching so I havent added any extra bars yet. The JES Extender doesn’t hurt at all, and I do feel a stretch at various places near the base, (which is good). However, every 2 hours I take a 5 minute break and replace blood flow to my head (which does get a little cold, but not tingly!). My main priority is not damaging my little guy, cus he’s the only one I’ll get! So I am trying to just listen to my body and go with whats comfortable. I also wish there were more information on experience of extenders out there, but it seems sparse. Well I guess I’m a cosmonaut, be easy!

Jimmie, so much you have to learn about the world. Ah too be young and enthusiastic again…

You learn from your mistakes. This one would be “dont be so gullible and do some actual reasearch before you buy things.”

Sure they are going to have positive feedback on their website. They want to sell the shit.



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