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Need advices

Need advices

I first got in to PE a year ago and have started a program two times. But I´m just so f****ng anxious of hurting myself. I want a bigger penis but not at the cost of not being able to produce small eidishs in the future.

As I said I have started two times with light jelqing just to get in to it. But after about two weeks I feel a loss of sensation in the glance. That happened both times. Don´t know if it just was in my head. But the weeks following these two weeks of PE I lost all my “hornyness” and didn´t find any pleasure at all when I masturbated. My last two weeks of PE was this summer and it´s not until these last two weeks that I´ve got back to the feeling when I masturbate that I had before.

What could I do wrong. I mean, I am SOOO careful when I make the Jelqs. The fact might be that my penis is too week for PE. But that would be strange because I´m 18 and very healthy… hmm

any advices?

There is a difference between desensitisation and loss of sensation.
Before PE, I had a “hair trigger”. Sometimes, just the lightest touching would send me over the edge (premature ejaculation). Jelqing fixed this for me. It desensitised my penis, but without any loss of feeling.

How are you doing your jelqs?
Do you stop short of your glans or do you jelq right over it?
If you jelq all the way to the tip then this is what may be causing the loss of sensation.
How tightly do you grip when you jelq? Try and jelq with your thumb and finger out stretched, like you are pinching something between them, with your palm on top of your penis. This will ensure you have minimal pressure on the dorsal nerve.

It does sound that you were placing way too much pressure on your dorsal nerve and this is why you had a loss of sensation. Remember, try to exert as little pressure as possible on top of your penis.

Okay, what you say is probably the truth. I must have put to much pressure on top of it.

> It desensitised my penis, but without any loss of feeling. <

I guess you sensitised your penis but is just very common to be touched there. You touch yourself all day long. So it’s just you are used to it. That’s all. No offense but it is a big diffrence :-) .

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