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Need Advice

Need Advice

Only just starting PE and I’m fully prepared and ready to go.

But I was wondering, is it possible to use ‘Deep heat gel/spray” on your penis, maybe as a hot wrap or to use as recovery ?

Just wondering.

Are you talking about something like Ben-Gay ointment? A muscle-pain-relief-ointment? If so, YIKES! I wouldn’t.

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What’s the composition of the stuff you have in mind?

A hot wrap makes the tissues hot. Deep heat/gel just makes things feel hot, but is not actually raising the temperature if the tissues.

Spray deep heat on your meat and two veg?

Sure. Go for it. But you’ll only do it once.

Seriously though, there is a cream called Lloyds cream that dancers use on their tired muscles. Its pretty neutral and could probably be massaged in post workout without your eyeballs coming out on stalks. As would be the case with Deep Heat.

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