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Need Advice

Need Advice


I have started PEing 2 months ago. I didn’t find any gains. I have some questions about PEing. Someone please provide me the info.

1)I do PE daily 2 times. Is it correct or should I have to do it only once a day or alternate days. Please some body suggest me?

2) I won’t do a hot wrap at the beginning. Generally I stimulate my penis up to 30-40% erection an then I start dry jelqing first like

- 200 jelqs - 50 each time .

- After that I Stretching exercises. Holding each side(left, right, up and down) 30sec. I rub my penis after every round of stretching all sides.

- Moving penis in anti-clockwise direction 30times.

After 5mins I end up with masturbation.

Is there any changes that I have to do and also my penis is arched to left. Can anyone provide me curve straightening exercises. Some of our members suggested me to jelq opposite the curve, but they didn’t provide me the info how long it will take to straighten the curve and how much time did I jelq.

Please provide me the info


I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t masturbate that quickly after PEing as the blood drains out of your unit after you orgasm. Also, a warm up is always something recommended.

Also, give your body time to heal itself!


Try following the instructions as laid out in this article:
Newbie Routine

Doing PE two times daily with no rest days is probably too much for a newbie. Try the once a day, two days on/one day off regime the article suggests.

Warm up is very important, don’t skip it. It reduces chances of injury and makes tissues more workable for PE.

Are you getting any positive or negative PIs?

You should take into account the fact that it took 6 months or more for some guys to see results.

Curve straightening is a long term commitment just like PE, if not even more so. Stretching should contribute to curvature correction as the shorter tissues on the inside of the curve will stretch more than the longer ones on the outside of the curve. You could also try doing bends and Sadsak slinky when your unit gets more conditioned. Some members have reported that hanging reduced their curve.


Thank you for your replies. You have suggested that warm up is necessary. I generally rub the unit before and after every stretch and jelqing. Is that ok? And also. As soon as I have started PEing I have very strong erections than before and my girth has increase 0.25. But I did not notice any change in the length. As I stay in Home it is not possible for me to hang weights. I generally grip my semi erect unit and keep on pulling it for 50 times. Like that I do 100 times.

Please suggest me some more tips.


Warm up is done using heat. Heat is useful to law chances of injuries.

A girth increase of 0.25” is damn good.

What ‘semi erect’ means in your post? You shouldn’t stretch your penis while erect more than about 30% of max, IMHO.


Thanks for the info. Actually as soon as I start to PE My unit erects immediately. Then I wait till it become semi-erect(30-40 % erect). At this point, my unit will expand but it will not be hard. Then I start squeezing and holding it for 30 secs in all directions. After each stretch I rub my unit.

Then I jelq for 200-300. 50 each turn.

Anyhow after I have started PEing I have very strong erections. Hence I personally thank PE forum for providing such an useful information.


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