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Need advice with newbie routine :

Need advice with newbie routine :

(1) While trying to do dry jelq, I can’t see the movement of my hand upwards because why I tried to, the skin will move up instead :/ any suggestion?

(2) While trying to stretching, how do I prevent mine from erecting? Because it got erect one every 2 stretches lol

Any suggestion will be good :) Thx

About the second one, I personally jerk off after each session of jelqing to prevent accumulating steam. So it’s easier to prevent erection.

Also, try to do something boring when stretching, like learning for an exam for example. No erection guaranteed :)

Started: 01/02/2009 ; BPEL: 5.5'' ; EG: 4.35''

01/03/2009 Checkpoint: BPEL 6.0'' ; EG 4.5 '' ; Suspended: 02/03/2009 ; Restarted: 05/01/2010 ; Suspended again: 01/02/2010

Goal: BPEL: 7.0''; EG: 5.5''

I think ejaculate after every session is too much already. Imagine I’m doing for 2 days on and 1 day off :/

Overtime it will be easier to not get an erection I believe. I know it’s annoying to wait for it to subside each time but just stick with it and it will eventually get easier. I had the same problem when I started a few weeks ago but now I can last like 60 jelqs without getting an erection.

And how would ejaculating after the session help you not get an erection?

Yes it will become easier over time, once your mind becomes accustomed to the exercises and your penis should be able to tell the difference between work and play.

Kohkindachi, I’m guessing that you are uncut? If so, what movement of the hand are you trying to see? Take some time to get a feel of your penis till you know what your hand is touching when you feel something. If you are uncut, then when you dry jelq it is natural for your foreskin to slide up the shaft, so you need to feel with your hands and your penis as to how you are jelqing.

Thx for the replies. Yes I’m uncut. I manage to solve problem (1) with wet jelq :)

But I would like to ask, I feel that I’m hurting my frenulum when stretching, else if I don’t touch the frenulum, I’ll be hurting the gland as it slip down :(

Well you can try drying your dick before stretching or applying some baby powder to prevent the slippage. Alternatively you can try to grab your dick with a U-shape and apply pressure on the sides of the shaft, that might reduce the pressure on the frenulum. Take some time to experiment with grips on your dick and also with the pressure that you grip your dick, take it slow and your penis will grow accustomed to the new strains you are putting it under. All the best!

But is it true that when I pull the it, I’m stretching the frenulum too which causes the pain? Since it is attached to the skin :/

Yes you probably will end up stretching the frenulum when you stretch your dick, just try to stay away from sharp pains and work towards a dull ache/fatigue that is much safer when you perform the exercises.

I saw in the video tutorial that the guy did not pull the foreskin back, can I do it and does it still have the same effect?

Yes you can, see what works for you best, the main feeling in stretching should be a stretch in the internal penis and not the skin.

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