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Need advice please

Need advice please

So I have been doing pe for a lil over three months and I am still getting the donut effect. I took a few weeks off for a little rest, now it seems like this is going to be an occuring thing that will not go away. I am seeing sings of a donut around my 100 jelq. I want to get into clamping and eventually the pump and clamp, but this is not likely to happen if I cannot get rid of the donut effect. I tried wrapping, but it does not really help very much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my thoughts. The donut effect is a very minor injury and is gone after a night of sleep, even less if you push the fluid back. It’s not really damaging or harmful and you should still be able to get into clamping.

I would try to condition my unit first. Jelq only as many times as you can stand without donut development. Do this for a while and then slowly add a few jelqs always avoiding the donut effect. Conditioning needs some patients, more for some, less for others. If your dick needs some more time - don’t hurry. You will catch up later with a well conditioned dick.

Later - ttt

Thanks I appreciate the information!

Like TTT says, I had similar situation before when I tried everything too fast.

Tightness of grip plays important role too.

Originally Posted by meiya777

Tightness of grip plays important role too.

I wish I knew exactly how much pressure to use on the grip to jelq at the most optimal level for growth.

Can someone give me an idea?

Thanks in advance.

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