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Need advice on my LOT

Need advice on my LOT

Ok guys I started about 10 days ago, but now i’m getting more into it and want to do everything just right.

I have a 8:00 LOT (by the way does this stand for loss of tug?) I want to know where I should strech and why.

And what is a tunic?

Thanks guys! :D

Now this is just my opinion, and I am in no way a vet, but:

With your LOT I would stretch both the tunica and the ligs. Some people don’t believe in doing this but try (and be careful with the intensity) two, thirty second static stretches straight up towards your chest, then two, thirty secord static stretches straight down towards the floor.

That is one set. Try doing three. You can also pull down and to the left, up and to the left etc.

Once you’ve become seasoned to it look up the DLD blasters, DLD bundle stretches and JAI stretches.

Im not a vet too, well sincerely Im a newb anyway…

With your LOT of 8:00, you should like ICM told you to stretch both the tunica and the ligs. You will hit the ligs while stretching at lower angle than your LOT, anywhere lower, and make sure you hit your ligs in all directions. To stretch the tunica, you have to stretch anywhere , in all directions above your LOT. I have been PEing for 10 days now too, my advice for you is to read, read and read. There is so much to learn on this forum.

By the way, can someone reply my thread about my routine, I just want to know if I’m doing right … Thanks

Starting at : (19/05/03) BPEL : 6.75 EG : 5.5 Now : BPEL : 7.125 EG : 5.5


Concentrate on stretching or hanging at the lower angles until your LOT reaches 7:00 or so. Then, switch to stretching at the upper angles exclusively.


I have been trying this out daily since you posted, thanks :)


hello how can I determine my Lot angle.Is it related with the angle that I have in erect state?


Check the LOT theory sticky thread in main member.


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