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Need advice on jelq technique

Need advice on jelq technique

Have been PEing for month, I notice that when I jelq, lots of blood in my head and it becomes hard, and I believe it will enlarge my head. However, after talking to my wife, she prefers shaft enlarging rather than the head, since my head is much bigger than the shaft (bat).
So, last night she helps me to check what I did:

5 strokes/session
Stroke 1-4, I use one hand grasp my head, while the other hand jelq from base to 1” behind glands (3 secs), at the 3rd stroke, my shaft is much harder (my wife check for me), I believe it is caused by more blood staying in the shaft
At the 5th stroke I release hand that grasp the head, I do normal jelq to refill the head with fresh blood.

I did 6 sessions and stop.

I need expert advice:
1. Will this work better to enlarge the mid-shaft rather than the head?
2. As newbie, I will continue with this technique if you give me a green light to go, or I shall wait for a few weeks.

Please note am uncut and do dry jelq.
I will write another question in another thread about base enlargement. Sorry for English.

The glans is not connected to the main erectile chambers. You cannot move blood into it by stroking the corpora cavernosa. It is attached to the corpus spongiosum, which is the ridge on the underside of the penis that contains the urethra (urine tube). See this graphic: 3corpora.jpg

If you’re using a circular grip you are compressing the corpus spongiosum and moving blood into the glans. Switch to a two handed method as I describe in this thread. This will concentrate the pressure on the corpora cavernosa and will not transmit pressure into the glans.

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