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Need advice. may have over trained

Need advice. may have over trained

Hey guys,

So I recently upgraded my routine from a two days on-one day off routine to a five days on-two days off. I also increased my number of jelqs, spent more time stretching, and added a set of JAI stretches. I went from:

100 Jelqs
1.5 min stretch all directions
2 x 15 JAI stretch

2 days on, one day off


150 Jelqs
2 min stretch all directions
3 x 15 JAI stretch

At first my PIs were through the roof—huge morning wood, greater flaccid hang, etc etc.

But then when I kept pushing it throughout the week they lessened until I couldn’t really tell if I was doing anything. I still got decent morning wood, but I didn’t feel that my erections were anything special.

Then I made the mistake of adding fowfers. I’ve done it for two days and now my dick hurts and feels a little numb. I know I need to cut those out, but what’s up with the above changes? Do I just need to get used to my workout or am I overtraining? Or undertraining?

Its like asking how much food should I eat to feel full? No one can answer that but me, by eating slowly and paying attention to how much I ate until I felt full! RIGHT?

Use EQ and PIs to measure whether you are doing too much or not (sounds like you are). Remember that WAY over doing it will probably show up quickly. A small amount of over training may take a week or so to show.

Go back to the workout that was giving you great EQ, and then SLOWING increase it one thing at a time, give it a week to see what that increase will do to your EQ.

I would take a few days off. Pain in the dick can be a warning before something gives out and you have an injury. When you restart, go light until you get a read on that “pain”.

Slow and steady wins this race.

My plan now is to take a week off and then lower the amount of stretch time. Fowfers are out too.

A tip I have is to allot time to your exercises rather than numbers of repitition. This way you can focus on each stretch and the effect it’s having instead of going through the motions of a certain number. I rather focus on the quality of my stretches than count them! Also, no offense (seriously!), but I could tell you are new by your overzealous approach to PE! Just relax and give yourself a good stretch, but make damn sure you aren’t overdoing it or you will suffer major consequences!! I realize it’s easy to get excited, but it’s just as easy to get injured!!


It’s fine—I’m not even three months in so I guess that makes me new.

In terms of how it feels/what to look for: What do you feel during a good stretch? A good jelq?

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