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Need advice for a decon break

Need advice for a decon break

I believe a lot of members would benefit from a veterans advice on the following issues:
A) when is it time for a decon break?
B) how long should the break should be?
C) whether its ok to do certain exercises during break (fowfers, kegels, etc.)
D) how light to start up after a decon break?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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I’m not really a veteran but I have been PEing on and off for for the past 5 years.

A)It would be hard for anyone to answer because there’s no set time for a decon break. Just do it when you have stopped gaining from any method or when you think you just need a break, you’ll know when you need a break.

B)Again the same as above, how long you feel it’s needed.

C)Id say yes

D)Wouldn’t be a bad idea to go back to the newbie routine for change. If not then just drop sets/weight/jelqs, whatever it is your doing and ease yourself back in.

Hope that helps.

A) When you aren’t gaining for 3-4 months. If your routine is very light and are getting hard erections, morning wood, night wood, etc., but not gaining, I would wait another month or two and up the intensity just a little bit.

B) If your PE experience is under a year, I would say 2 weeks. If you have been around longer, I would say 6-12 weeks.

C)I believe edging for a little bit and sex help during decon breaks. They keep the penis active. But, don’t turn an edging session into a manual clamping session.

D)I agree with kimc. Start with the newbie routine or (for an experiment) do some light ADSing for a couple hours a day and gradually increase the time or tension, but do it SLOWLY.

1) It’s time for a decon break when you have plateaued (a period of time with no increase in size), when your PIs and EQ have dropped and when you lack the to motivation to do it.

2)Depends. A few weeks to a few months. Your dick will tell you when its time to restart.

3)A decon break is supposed to be a time with NO PE. If you did exercises during the break it would not be a decon break again. Do stuff that isn’t PE related.

4)Do the routine you started off with.

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