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Need a new warmup

Need a new warmup

Does anyone know an affordable warmup that doesn’t require the bathroom or the microwave? Should I just get an actual infrared lamp? Or is there something cheaper? Please link me if you know any.

Man that’s a tough one. In your case it sounds like an IR lamp is the way to go. Why, if I may ask, must hot water/microwave options be excluded?

So people don’t wonder why I’m in the bathroom for an hour. And so I don’t have to explain why I’m putting a sock full of rice in the microwave haha.

You can use a washcloth with hot water and bring it back to your room. My roommates used to ask me why I constantly heat up my rice sock and I explain that I use the heat in conjunction with trigger point therapy for my lower back. Never get any questions about it.

This is a good topic, defintley helps me consider my options once I’m living in a dorm. How do I explain the pump with the cylinder attached to it though if caught? lol

Asthma inhaler stuff? That’ll explain why you are panting too if you have an overstrenuous edging session lol.

Seriously though, I have an inhaler spacer that looks just like a pump cylinder.

Heat pad .usually for the back if someone asks

I agree with the heat pad idea. They are inexpensive and can be used for any normal aches or pains.

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