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Need a new routine after newbie

Need a new routine after newbie

Can I get some help with a routine that is mostly length based. I started the newbie routine roughly 2 weeks ago and I really want to have a routine ready for after I’m done with my current one. My starting stats are BP 6.0 and 4.8 EG, my short term goals are BP 6.30 and 5.1. Help me achieve this I will greatly appreciate it, this site is amazing.

P.s I know pills don’t work but maybe they help something in the penis so I will start taking the amount I have tomorrow including a new diet which I’m already in great shape. My friend gave me these pills because he claims that he did not need to take them anymore because he gained 1.5 inches BP and doesn’t need them. They are the magnarx pills and he literally swears by them.

The pills are BS. Total BS.

I have insomnia. When I can’t sleep I watch late movies until I get sleepy. Marginex (and other) pill commercials are all over the place.

Ever look up their contents? Try that.

If you are “conditioned” as we say, from your Newbie Routine, and you haven’t had any negative side effects from that routine, try increasing those exercise durations, slowly. Then experiment with the variations on jelking and Uli squeezes.

Ever try pumping? You might like it.



I forgot to add that I do all the stretches for 1 min long holds instead of 30 sec. Is there any other stuff I can do, I seen one thread where someone said they were doing 20 min V stretches for length and claimed it was possible to gain 2” in length from this routine, how does that sound?

Just because it worked for anyone else does not mean it will work for you… with that said you never know until you try. You should learn about your penis and how it reacts when things are going well, that is what you want to continually replicate, if a new idea crosses your path try it out and see how you react, if it is not so good move on.

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