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Need a little moral support

Need a little moral support

Dear members,

I have been doing PE for close to 2 months now. I am measuring at 6” BPEL erect with approx 5” girth, a little more at the base. I am at a point where I feel my technique is pretty good. I can feel the pump while jelqing, but the size only stays for a short time. I applied Bib’s LOT theory, and can pull all the way through 7-8. I never got a good baseline, but I think I gained a 0.5” with the initial part.

So I want to see results, but worry that there may not be much left to gain. The measurement is always an approximation anyway because I can not lie the tip on the ruler. Can someone give me an idea of how to watch for results from this moment on? I am up to 300-450 jelqs a day, 4-10 jelq squeezes, 7-10 x30 second stretches, and sometimes a single 20 min. session of hanging (straight down) once or twice a week. I do not always do a warm-up, but try to get a little blood flow all the same.

Do I increase the number of jelqs, the intensity of the squeezes, add more exercises, what? Should I put the ruler away until Valentine’s day?

I am willing to be patient and am in for the distance, but would like to hear how long it takes for some people to see results. I need at least another inch to feel more confident. Thanks everyone.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.

Don’t increase anything. Your workout is fine. Just continue to be consistent with your routine. And now the hard part: be patient.

Not quite sure what your workout schedule is. Do you jelq every day? Do you jelq wet or dry?

Well, coming from someone who has achieved really outstanding results incorporating his own or modified techniques, I’d say you need to lower the amount of jelqing you do. Overworking the penis could result in no growth at all, maybe even shrinking in size. Do more stretching. If you haven’t made the Capn’s Wench, I advise that you do so. Use it for manual stretching. I’d do a total of 25-30 minutes of stretching a day, but break it up into 2-3 different workouts. Other than that, the workout looks fine. You might want to look into the supplements I take (L-Arginine, Vitamin E, L-Glutamine) Put heat on your dick at every chance.

7 to 10 30 seconds stretches? You might want to try doing more than that. And yes, put the ruler away. Gains come too slowly, measuring too frequently can discourage you. As gprent says be patient. These things take time, lots and lots of time.

I think you should break into 3 day routine.

Gprent, I do both wet and dry jelq, but when I do dry jelqing, I only do about 50. Wet jelq I’ll do close to 200. I’ll look into the capt’s Wench. Thanks guys. I also enjoyed reading the article at the top of the homepage.

It is ok to live in the "now", but never fail to plan for the future.


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