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Need a little advice

Need a little advice

I am starting up my pe routine again. I did pe about a year ago for a couple months and did wet jelqing with some stretching. I aslo incorporated a few squeezes. I gained about 1/4 of an inch in length but no girth. Right now I am 6.25 NBP and 4.5 girth. I would really like to hit my girth as I am lacking there. Right now I am just doing some dry jelqing and a few squeezes for about 30 min/day. My penis get a bit sore and red, but no other spots or discoloration. I do believe I am correct to say that dry jelqing hits girth more than wet jelqing. Is this true? I guess my main question is that if I incorporated some stretching or hanging would that hinder my girth gains? Also does my routine look ok for now? I want to start doing some more advanced girth techniques but I will wait for now. Also, I feel that I should save rest days for when my penis really needs it. If it feels ok, I don’t see why I can’t go multiple days in a row. I only do 1 session a day though.

Since it has been awhile from the last time you PEed, I suggest starting at square 1 again with the newbie routine, or my modified version of the newbie routine.

*Warm up for 10 minutes
*Stretch in all directions for 10 minutes (total)
*Jelq for 20-30 minutes
*DLD blasters

Pretty easy to do, and only takes an hour out of your day. Do this for a month, then worry about your girth.

And you would recommend 20-30 min of wet jelqing instead of dry jelqing?

I always prefered wet jelqing, it feels more effective for me, however, it is much less convenient. Just make sure you take it easy and listen to your dick.

Yes I suggest wet jelqing over dry when you start out.

Originally Posted by xlmagnum

Yes I suggest wet jelqing over dry when you start out.

Thanks, I was so tempted to tell him to do dry jelqs. :D They’re just so addicting. Dry jelqs are more intense Slick. Don’t start them for a bit.


Anything can be dangerous, just be careful.. especially when climbing out of the bath with lubey hands!!

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