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Natural Penis Enlargement.

Natural Penis Enlargement.

Hello Guys,

I’ve tried PE exercises before for months on end but saw no results. This left me feeling
Discouraged and I haven’t tried again for years.

I’m now feeling the need to give it another go but have a couple of quick questions if anyone
Would be so kind.

My first question is about doing things naturally.

Is there any things you can eat (supplements, foods etc.) that will help penis enlargement
Exercises to work more effectively?


I know everyone’s different but on average, what would be a realistic goal in time to achieving
An extra 0.5 inch in girth and length?

Thank you Guys

The jury is out whether any supplements will help long term gains, there are a bunch that will help with better erections.

Best advice is to stick with the newbie routine and pay attention to PIs. As for gaining half an inch, it varies wildly. Stick with it, gains will come. :)

Way back 10 years ago or so I started just under 6” length BP, now I’m coming up on 8”.

B4: 6.875" NBPEL / 7.5" BPEL / 5.75" EG

9/12: ?? NBPEL / 7.75" BPEL / 6" EG

Goal: Coveted 8 x 6

Many Thanks for your reply.

The reason I ask about things that you can eat to build upon the exercise
Is because there are a few products out there that talk about affecting the
Body’s bio chemistry by eating certain things and that will help.

Wasn’t sure if this is just BS or what.

Surely thought, there must be things you could eat or do to improve blood
Flow to the area thus hopefully helping with the exercises.

For the low down on various Supplements .

Depending on your starting size L-arginine may be helpful for doing PE because it plumps the flaccid. Some of the other supps may be helpful on a case by case basis as well. And mega dosses of C may hinder gains by boosting collagen production to the point that it heals faster than you can stretch it.

The most important things are being healthy in general. Stay hydrated, get enough rest, don’t smoke, a healthy diet, etc..

Just remember to not buy any kind of penis pills or formulated crap. You can get any of the base ingredients of pennies on the dollar by buying in bulk.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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