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Originally Posted by twatteaser

Where is my 7.5454545454545454?!?

Hey TwatT,

Look between your legs…? (:

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Let me add my two cents worth. I have coached basketball for 20 years. The majority of my players (I would say 70%) have been black. The tallest player I have coached was 6-11 and I have coached several 6-7 and taller. Naturally, there is always locker room talk about dick size and I have seen many of them nude. (I haven’t seen any of them erect…lol).

The largest dick of any player I have coached was on a 5-7 black kid that wore a size 12 shoe. He must have been about 8 or 9 inches flacid and thick as hell. I have posted before that I believe that foot and hand size may have someting to do with dick size but only when taking into consideration the person’s height. I also had a 5-8 white kid that wore a size 11 that was huge.

The 6-11 kid was black and had a small dick that the kids always joked about. Another kid I had went on to play Division 1 basketball and was drafted in the 2nd round. He was 6-8 and had a very small cock. The thing that made this kid so good was that he had small feet for his height. (Size 10). He was absolutely the quickest big kid I ever saw.

Personally, I believe the tell-tale sign about cock size is the correlation of shoe size to height. My experience over the years as a basketball coach and having to order shoes for my players has shown me that most black guys have larger feet and hands for their height than white guys. When you have a white guy that has large feet and hands for his height then I believe you have a “big dick white boy”.

Of course there are always exceptions, but maybe this explains all the myths about big hands, big feet and black guys. Maybe there is something to all of that, but maybe it depends on the fact that black guys in general have larger hands and feet for their height than white guys.

By the way, I am white, 5-9 and wear a size 11.
I am 8.25 X 6.25. Before I ever did any PE I was 7.5 by 5.75.

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Originally Posted by JJ McKool
Ok, so we all know that a big foot size does not equal big penis size, but I just wanted to say something on the matter.
This myth is not entirely false, as foot size is usually a factor of how tall you are, and the height of a person usually is the main factor of penis size. Example, if you were 3 feet tall, chances are your penis would be in relative proportion to the rest of your body, so, the penis would likely not be very big compared to other peoples. Or, if you were tall, bigger penis size, generally. This is not exact, because penis size can vary a lot, but this is generally true. This is actually why black people are supposed to have larger penises than white people, because on average, black people are taller.
Just a little info.

Are you a bigfooted, tall, black guy with a small penis?

check this link:

BTW, I am white, 5’9” and wear a size 9-9.5 shoe and have medium sized hands.

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Bamabreeze, interesting post.

Thatthickunit, the survey has already been done here.

To all those saying there has never been any correlation shown, look at my post #35 in the following link for an analysis of the numbers. Please say what you think of the survey?


Originally Posted by jGman
There’s never been shown any correlation of penis size to height or weight; foot, hand, nose, etc., size. I’ve read posts on forums where brothers of otherwise equal physical attributes, with one having a fairly average penis, 5-6 inches, and the other having a 8-9 incher. Penis size really seems like a total luck of the draw.

Wouldn’t that be a pisser if you were the under endowed brother?

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I guess this thread is dead now.

Ding Dong.


The is definetly no correlation between height and penis size. A good female friend of mine told me the smallest guy she was with was 6’4! Also, a friend of mine that I have been told has a 4” dick (erect) has larger hands and feet than I do, and we are both almost the same height (he is 1” taller), where as my dick is 6” (6 and a quarter, to be exact!) ;)

From what I have read concerning race and penis size, black men generally have a larger flacid penis size than white men, and white men generally have a larger flacid penis size than asian men. Erect penis sizes between all three of them are fairly close.

Penis size really does seem to be luck of the draw

My flaccid lenght is 4.5” to 5”. Erect it is 6.5. So that is average.

When I was in the US Army one could not help but see a bunch of guys naked. The solders were all in prime shape and were black, white, and oriental. Some blacks and whites were smaller than me. Of course some of , both black, white had slongers that made my peepee look little. Height I don’t believe is a factor. I’m 6’1” This is all a observation of flaccid size. No one walked around with a hard on fortunately. :D

The oriental guys always had the smallest dongs.

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I want to know how you knew he had a 8-9” flaccid from a locker room. No way could you stare long enough to get a good idea, nor did you pull a ruler out, I hope.


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