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Mystery Growth Without PE

Mystery Growth Without PE

Hello, another long time lurker here. I’ve got a difficult to phrase question here so I’ll just get on with it; sometime over the past 6 months my member has grown 2 inches BPEL in length and .5 inches EG in girth. The issue is that I haven’t been doing anything to encourage it to grow. I hold the belief that this may not the coolest thing ever, I’m 24 and my penis stopped growing naturally when I was 15. As far as I know, this sort of thing isn’t supposed to be happening. Could be nothing, could be something. I’d like to know if anyone has ever heard about anything like this happening, if nobody has any ideas as to what is going on I’m planning to go see a urologist if things are still growing down there in a month. The last time I measured was 6 months ago and I was 5.5 inches BPEL and 5 inches EG in girth, this was when I tried to give PE another shot but couldn’t commit beyond a few days like usual. I didn’t actually notice anything was amiss after that because I’ve gained about 50lbs over the past year from a severe case of depression that I have been fighting. As I gained the weight I’m guessing the fat pad in front of my pubic bone grew outward and kept me from noticing any change in length from what my eye was used to. I did a proper measuring of myself the other day because I decided to give PE another try and found the extra length and girth.

I will appreciate any help or advice and I’m sorry for posing such a troll-worthy thread onto the community; I wouldn’t ask such a thing but I have the utmost respect for this website and its members as it was an invaluable resource in finding supplements to combat the loss in sensation I faced when I started taking antidepressants. Also I am very sorry if this isn’t an appropriate area to be posting this thread in, but as of right now I haven’t gained the privilege to post anywhere else.

I have no idea.. Maybe you were just still growing naturally since I’m 22 and I’m just started to get some facial hair, maybe it sounds stupid but I do believe some people still grow on a older age ! Just accept the blessing and start PE asap !

Looks like signs are pointing to this really being nothing, I noticed I was taller than my father the other day which would be the first time that’s happened. While I haven’t heard of someone’s member growing without notice, I have heard of people getting a few inches taller in their 20’s for no apparent reason. To tell you the whole truth I was freaking out because I started some strong antidepressants along with a few other things in the same time frame as the unaccounted growth, and the irrational part of my brain immediately fabricated the insane scenario where I’d be on these pills for years and the problem *ahem* keeps getting bigger, which would become a real problem after a while. Looks like a triumph for humanity in that another mystery was solved and another face was palmed.

You’re a well spoken man bro needed some time to understand what you typed since english Is my 2nd language! I don’t suggest that you keep on taking those meds bro ! Haha I wish I would encounter a growth like that tho

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