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My workout rountine

My workout rountine

Hi you all, I started with PE/Hanger workout routine for roughly three months.

Hanger: (just started 3 weeks ago)

4 x 15 mins hanger with a sock daily. Sometime more than 4 depends on my mood or privacy concerns
Increase 2.5 lbs weight every week

Now at 10 lbs, sitting; no stand up.

Jelq: (roughly 3 months):

I use CVS baby oil with aloe Vera and vitamin e

Hard squeeze Jelq 500 times
2-3 secs hard squeeze jelq

Soft jelq 300 times or more right after hard squeeze
2-3 secs soft jelq

After Jelq:
Try to get an erection. Once an erection achieved, put one of your hand on your shaft and push it down at 90 degree. Try use your muscle (I don’t know the specific muscle, I think Kegel or other muscle) to force your dick goes up and your hand should resist it from going more than 90 degree.

Do it at least 5 times or until dick can’t get erection anymore.

Same concept as wet towel exercise.

Hot shower after!! At least 5 mins of hot shower.

L-Lysine <—- don’t take L-Argentine at the same time; take it 3 hours after L-Argentine consumed. They cancel out if took both at the same time.
Hawthrone berries
Chelated Zinc
CVS spectravite multivitamin advanced tablet
Bulgarian tribulus terrestris
Vitamin D3
Vitamin A

Whey Protein right after P90X weight workout.

I don’t have measurement with me.

The results are: roughly .75 inch length and 1/8th wider than Colgate toothpaste. Honest as boy scout.

The erection strength is extremely strong. Extremely hard to jelq if you get an erection. Felt like you’re trying to squeeze and jelq the cucumber really hard. Best to keep it 80% or less.

On side note: no personal injury, weird deformation, or whatsoever. I took care of my dick extremely well.

I never use clamp at all. I don’t understand the purpose of clamp. If you highly recommend it, let me know. Keep in mind, I’m a poor college student.

Any feedback? Let me know!!

Yours truly,
Holla to the Big J!

I’m testing the theory of “broken bone, the blood heals the broken bone.”

When you break the bone, the blood usually gushed into the broken bone; the blood creates fibroblast and its heals and strengthen the broken bone. Or wound yourself, the blood regenerate your wound. This theory applies to Hanger/Jelq/Clamping.

I just added clamping because I never done that before and testing my theory as well.

When you hang your unit to decent amount of time and weight, itself stretch/tear your ligament and tissue cells. I use jelq right after hanger session is over.

I use hard squeeze jelq to stretch the unit and force blood gushed into the tear tissue cell and stretched corpus cavernosum to expand further more at semi-erection. It helps to push your unit length longer by allows blood to repair them.

After hard squeeze jelq, I use soft jelq to soothe tear tissue cell and corpus cavernosum to heal at semi-erection.

I use clamping right after hard/soft jelq and resist boner (wet towel concept) while force pushing your boner up, it helps to expand your corpus cavernosum further more and build vein “muscles”.

Oh, make sure you do one on one off clamping (do it every other day, in layman’s term).

Make sure you massage your unit right after clamp, shake and slap it, and take a hot shower.

I take L-Lysine prior to the bed, it helps to repair your ligament.

It may not work for everyone, but it works well on me. You will get fully and strong erection two hours later.

Blood is your best friend, don’t ignore them.

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