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My wife says no


Just don’t do it to your cat!

Lol I love this site, you guys are hilarious.and being fairly young it seems that girls my age just want to screw around but having to big of a dick does scare some girls..

I think women should be in support of it, I mean they should’nt complain that their bf or husband is hung like a horse.. And after all it is “Yours” so you can do what ever you like with it.

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Tell her you had some kind of penis surgery or injury to the penis and that the penis doctor told you to do the exercises for bloodflow purposes.

I’m kinda in the same boat as my SO know about it and is saying that my dick size Ok because she has pleasure when we have sex. She’s starting to complain about the length, as for the girth she’s Ok with.

We did argue about PE and I do know about the mental aspect/self-image thing that it give you more self confidence but the thing she didn’t know was that it increased my pleasure when we’re having sex so the argument kinda “do what ever you want, it’s your dick”.

One funny thing is the girls reaction to cock size when she said about a exotic dancer reputed to have an 12” semi erected cock she said “yeah you call him mister” So I said you think I’m too big already but you never called me mister.. No response.

I just added that if the cock is:

Below average the girls will say it’s cute,
Average: say nothing
Above average : nice
Huge: shocked then all kind of compliments will follow

She could not argue that what I just said was false.

Bpel: 7.25" Eg:6"

7of6: One must be lucky to not have his tool being called cute. That would be insulting…
Some primitive part of me wants her to be shocked and almost feared by it. =)

I agree with you that girls always has a story about a giant cock which brings a grin on their face. But when discussing your own dick, all you get is: “it’s nice/perfect/good”
We all wanna have our dick as the star of their stories :)

edit: forgot a word or two

BPEL Starting PE Jan 2009@7.1*5.3 (18*13.5 cm)

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My wife says no.

Impossible! :eek:

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Originally Posted by iDare
I would never have found this website if I started with your size.

I find myself thinking this same thing quite a bit when reading posts here. What I have learned is that penis size frenzy seems to effect every guy in one way or another.

12/29/08 BPEL 5.5" EG 5.0" (base) 4.5" (mid) =========> Goal BPEL 7.0" EG 6.0"

01/18/09 BPEL 5.58" EG 5.0" (base) 4.5" (mid)

02/14/09 BPEL 5.75" EG 4.5" (base) 4.0" (mid)

Well, I did start PE for penis health so it was a non-issue with the wife.

Originally Posted by MisterWhiskers
Tell her that it’s not just for size but it helps with circulation and keeps your penis naturally healthy without any nasty supplements.

Yoga for the penis.

Penis Pilate’s? Sounds like a good craze lol

I actually recommend it to friends and family precisely for that reason— I believe that every man should do the Newbie routine for penis hygiene purposes.

Why shouldn’t we do Penis Exercise for health? We’re daily told that we need to exercise the rest of our bodies, no?

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My longterm gf is very much the same,she is VERY aprehensive about me doing PE & hates when I head off into the attic for 45mins with my hot flannel and tub of vaseline. She tells me I’m more than big enough and don’t need an increase whatsoever but I had to explain to her

A) It’s good exercise for the health of the penis
B) It has longterm benefits
C) The number one reason for doing it is to increase my flacid size (used to be tiny up until 2 weeks after starting a newbie routine)
D) An even better sex life??

Well I didn’t tell her the last one,although she feels the recent improvement in our sex life is down to us communicating better,which I’d say plays a definite part in it but about a week ago I accidentally hit her cervix during sex and that’s something I’ve NEVER done with her before. I’d say this is probably down to me having amazing erections now and a slightly bigger penis and also her getting much more into making love than before.

She won’t admit that she likes the way my penis is starting to look (especially the plump flacid state) but I noticed she’s starting to really get into sex and not only enjoy it more but initiate it more and make more of an effort.

Is this the result of PE or not?

You decide..

Btw-I won’t stop PE just because the gf thinks I’m big enough but I just don’t talk about it infront of her anymore.

The women in my life say size doesn’t matter, but the fullness does. They like stiff and so they can grind down on me. The GF just likes for me to go as deep as I can and then stay and not move at. She like to feel me pump my head with kegels and she just melts with nice big Os. Since PE I have regained a nice stiff cock and at 57 that’s a good thing. The wife really doesn’t like to suck on a limp member but won’t take it out of her mouth when stiff.

Thanks for all your comments guys, this is funny as hell. Were all the same.

Now she’s saying “you’ve changed” and that I’m vain. I can’t win (but I can always gain).

When you get a new Hobie I suppose you do get a bit obsessed for a while, but it does settle down after a bit.

Well thanks again and good luck.


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