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My wife is happy!

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Should I tell my wife that I do PE?




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My wife is happy!

I do PE 2 or 3 times a week as I get privacy once the kids arnt at home, This privacy issue also makes it dificult for my wife and I to have sexThis has been made more dificult since my step daughter (17) has moved back into the house and dosnt attend school.

Last night we got to it for the first time in 4 - 6 weeks and she couldnt stop commenting on the size of my cock.

Should i tell her i am doing PE?

I say nahhh, just have it unwrap it for Christmas :)

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Maybe yes and maybe no. Hope that clears it up.

Why not? She’s already seen your progress. Proof enough that it works :)

Go for it.

Yeah, she might get excited and really support you when she thinks about what the future holds for her in regards to your ever increasing size and the pleasure it will bring her! She might really take interest. Then again, you can always tell her about it for the first time but once you do you can’t take it back from her memory if she is taken back…. sorry didn’t mean to fence ride on you.

I would do it after enjoying the comments from her for a little more. It has to be a great stroking of your ego! It would mine. My wife can tell a difference and I catch her looking in the bathroom in the mornings as we get ready for work, etc. but nothing overly verbal yet. Yeah, I would enjoy it a little more without her knowing and then pop it on her (no pun intended). But then again, that’s me.


Originally Posted by aussie m8
dificult for my wife and I to have sex

Sorry, but my greatest pet peeve is misused pronouns. It should be “for my wife and _me_ to have sex.” It’s “for me,” not “for I,” and the placement of “me” in a list doesn’t change that fact. A preposition always results in the following noun being in the accusative case.

e.g., “This tool makes it easier for me to do the job.”
“This tool makes it easier for my wife and me to do the job.”

Okay, I’ll shut the fuck up now.

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I’d say no.

1) She might think you are overly vain (vein ;P)
2) She’ll think that any other guy can get a nice cock like yours with some work.
3) She might spread the word and then all men will HAVE to PE as every woman’s standards would be raised :)

ps - don’t forget to mention how tight she is after she has paid you such a great compliment.

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I’m not married, far from, but there’s no reason to hide it from her really. However, if she is one to criticize you for doing “weird” things, don’t bother explaining it to her in depth..just give her the gist of it. That leaves less chance of her ever being confused. Tell her it’s something you read about that allows for good lovemaking ;)

I have chosen not to, for various reasons:
* She might get upset for whatever reason and insist on that I stop doing it. Stranger things have happened.
* She might think I do it for being better prepared for other women
* She might use it against me some day when we are having a fight, or some day when we split up and are fierce enemies. I have already told her about my size complex and I do not think she will use that against me, but PE seems like a thing she could hit me with once she knew I gained enough to get better self confidence. Don’t give away potential future weapons she might use against you.
* She might ridicule you when you lock your self into the bath room for your daily PE.
* The surprise in bed is better when she doesn’t know. If she would know, she would expect much more and maybe become disappointed or even become demanding of more gains.

I more or less know I will tell her some day when I think I gained enough so it wouldn’t really matter if she forces me to stop. But that is not until I reached 7”.


I’ve read a lot of post here that say: I told my wife this, I told my GF that…
and personally I think that some people are setting themselves up for a nasty failure or at the least some more humiliation.

I’ve adopted the don’t ask don’t tell policy. Meaning I’m not hiding anything and at the same time I feel no burning desire to go confess another of my obsessions. I figured if it didn’t work then no one but me will know anything. Nothing gained, then no harm done. Well except to my ego, and well we’ve all been there before - huh? If PE did work, and it has for me, then I figured eventually she’d notice. I’ve picked up on the fact that she has noticed something’s different in the last couple of months, but it’s funny that she can’t tell exactly what it is. I’ve also been been accumulating a lot of those “prized” unsolicited comments lately as well.

So to answer your question, I’d have to sum it up like this:

We all look for validation for and in the things we do. A prod in the right direction and a boost to keep us going when we are questioning ourselves about something. And sometimes, I say things just to hear myself talk. If you’re diligent about it and make some real gains, let that be your validation. Because eventually she’s going to notice. Then one night after she’s done biting her lower lip and making a swamp of the bed sheets, she going to look at you with that lost look in her eyes and say something to the effect of: what the fuck did you do that dick, that was incredible! She’ll no longer be thinking your dick feels bigger, she’ll know IT IS. It’s at this point if you so choose to, that you can share your PEing with her. Personally I’d leave her in the dark. Just tell her; I don’t know, same dick I always

Keep her guessing. Do you think women give away all their secrets too?

I told my GF and she is fascinated. Now she always wants to watch and help. The biggest advantage is now it is easier to find the time to PE.

She will either be supportive and it will be great or she will make your life a living hell by being all insecure about it. You know her the best so make the call but once it’s done it’s done.

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This is one of those good threads where everyone has a different opinion.

To explain your larger unit you could get points by saying something along the lines, “Of course I have a big joint I have been making love to you, my little sex machine. :)

Of course I am jealous. My wife hasn’t noticed any difference. I would feel like King Kong (Dong) if she made a comment on my “large” cock.

Like Tork said, women don’t tell all of thier secrets. When we first got married many years ago my wife said things like, “I got my hair done for you.” or “I lost 10 lbs for you.” “I had my nails done for you.” In a little tiff I told her, “You keep saying ‘you do it for me’ but primarily you do it for yourself.”

That is true of PE. Primarily you are doing it for yourself. If she appreciates it thats great. Personally I would keep it my little secret.

I told my wife about manual jelqing, the penimaster and the powerjelq but not hanging or pumping. Some days I wish I didnt tell her about any of it and other days I wish I could do my pumping at home.
My wife has made comments about the fact that I am obsessed, well duh!!

Would your wife be upset that you can take the time to PE for yourself but only have enough time to have sex once in 4-6 weeks. After all she is a woman and they all think the same way.
Oh well.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Originally Posted by 789
My wife has made comments about the fact that I am obsessed, well duh!!

Would your wife be upset that you can take the time to PE for yourself but only have enough time to have sex once in 4-6 weeks. After all she is a woman and they all think the same way.
Oh well.


“Yes Honey, I do all this for you, and after all, doesn’t abs(tin)ence make the heart grow fonder?”

or “I’m in a routine for PE and I certainly don’t want our making love to become routine, I want it to remain special!”

or “Get otta my face bitch! Clean those floors.”

Just a few helpful suggestions that might have worked for me had I used them. Let me know if they work.



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