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My wife is happy!

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Should I tell my wife that I do PE?




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Originally Posted by Jigsy
In her eyes I was spending all that time in the bathroom/shower jerking off (and everyone here knows how much time you can burn doing PE!) I guess for her the reality was better than what she suspected.

That’s part of the reason I told Mrs 7. She HONESTLY doesnt think married men jerk off. (stupid stupid woman)

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


I hope you don’t have a jealous boss!

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Originally Posted by Keith Max
I told my GF and she is fascinated. Now she always wants to watch and help. The biggest advantage is now it is easier to find the time to PE.

Wrapping and hanging are now 1,000,000 times easier for you now that you have two extra hands! :)

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Originally Posted by aussie m8
Wow …. what a great responce!

Thanks to all replies, I think for the moment I will keep it to myself and maybe save it for a special occassion … i could tie a bow around it for xmas for her … lol

I love that idea!!!!

Even better, pump first :D

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Talk about the joy of clamping, but nothing beats the joy of a PE savvy wife. Get her involved, incorporate your sessions into sex play. Pe partners are great. Of course there is always the possibility that she’ll probably tell her girl friends, but who cares as long as she is seeing results she’ll tell them that also. They’ll all be curious to see what you’re packing. Guys make such a big deal about their secret getting out, but to me it would only be embarrassing if it didn’t work. All the women at my work now know about my obsession with PE. Two have seen my results and another has asked to see. Rumors of my new fat dick has even gotten me laid twice, once with my S/Os best friend who just had to see and another time with a girl at work who was curious. I’ve become the talk at the water cooler, and I love it… . But that”s me.


I can just see all the crotch checks you get as you pass by the water cooler :mwink:


I’m fortunate to work with all women. I’m sort of the Token Guy, so I get by with this. I might not be so bold with my openness about PE if I worked with men.

And Aussie, most definitely, before unveiling your secret, pump up your girth heavily with either clamps or pump, then tie a ribbon around it tight enough to get a Uli effect.

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Tell her. I did and the only thing she said was “I have a hard time believing it will actually work” 2 months later she said “Shit, this actually works”

Would you like to know if your wife was doing something similiar? How would you react if she told you?


What happened to your avatar? I loved it.

I actually felt really embaressed about my size. I started at 5.5 inches just below the “normal” size. To say it ruined my confidence said the least. The way I talked to my partner was to mention something she wasn’t happy about and how would she like to change it (please note a facelift/tummy tuck/ liposuction may be a little insensitive!!!). I then went on to my penis and how I would like to increase its size because I felt small. She laughed and said are you crazy? There is nothing wrong with it. She soon realised that I was being genuine and really was unahppy at its size and encouraged me to work on it.

I’d rather have my wife tell me about the PE. We do this under the assumption that a bigger dick will make sex better. If your SO doesn’t notice the difference, then you have to think, does the extra size really matter.

Originally Posted by monument
Primarily you are doing it for yourself. If she appreciates it thats great. Personally I would keep it my little secret.

I agree with Monument, Unless she finds your equipment and you have to explain, just treat it the same way a woman treats her personal management, which is a personal thing. If push comes comes to shove then you need to be forth coming with your motivation. When my wife found out I told her about how I never realized that PE was possible and that it was permanent, so I’m trying it. She didn’t necessarily support it but at the same time in bed she was giving me enjoyment signals that told me that things were changing and for the better.

Even today she is not totally on board but at the same time she loves the longer dong. Frankly I think her reluctance is a smoke screen. To this day I don’t allow her to find me hanging. I just avoid that blatant realization. It’s just my business.

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It seems I’m in a unique position amongst the other posters here, in that I am just beginning my PE program (a serious one anyway). I definitely don’t want to tell my S/O right now, give her false hopes for the future, and then have results that are slow in appearance. Even if she noticed I’m sure she’d still just say, “Oh I like it,” or something similar since that is what she has said from the beginning. Although I wonder if she’s just become accustomed to saying that to the guys she’s with regardless of the validity of her statement.

I figure I will just go ahead with my program and if she catches me in the act or says, ” I know it’s bigger, what’s going on?” At that point I’ll deal with telling her and just hope it doesn’t end up biting me in the rear.

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