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My way of doing it

My way of doing it

Ok, I just started today. Basically what I do is slap some vaseline on there when it’s kind of flaccid. After a while, it becomes a little harder, but not fully erect. I do 300 or so strokes, is that good? But I had done it before, the jelqing thing, and I noticed that the fluid that typically comes out before ejaculation came out, but I didn’t orgasmate. I guess what my question is, is it normal to have that fluid come out? And, am I where I should be as far as how much I’m doing? It takes about 10 mintues or so. What are other people’s results on jeqing? What are some tips I could follow?

I don’t think you’re overdoing it. The “pre-cum” or Cowper’s gland fluid that comes out can be none to a lot depending on the guy and how much stimulation he’s getting. Jelqing isn’t masturbating. Try to be about 60% erect and concentrate on the movements and not on keeping your dick hard. It won’t hurt anything to have some Cowper’s gland fluid come out.


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