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My Tribute to the community

My Tribute to the community


English isn’t my native language - so if there’s any spelling mistakes etc.please.. Do not kill me :) anyways..

I believe this is my second or third post on this board.. So people might view me as a P.E. Newbie.
Actually I’ve been doing P.E. For almost 4 years on and off.. It all started at a free forum about P.E.
Some of you might know.. "Pride-penis”.. I didn’t actually post a lot in there, but read all post that I thought
Was useful.. Slowly I began to suck all the knowledge there is about natural P.E.

At the age of 18 I began my journey, started out with a routine which looked a bit like this..

Stretch 10sec each direction - forward - up - down - right - left x2
And 200 wet jelqs (2sec strokes) increased that.. And I came up too 500 wet jelqs.. Damn my grip was actually sore the day after..
Light kegels.. 100 a day..

Anyways - after 6months of this I saw an increase in size. From 15cm length to 16cm.. Haven’t measured the girth
Since I wasn’t very interested in that.. FOR ME.. It was all about the length.. Not because I had a incredible thick penis at all..
At first I didn’t believe it was the result of P.E.. Maybe my penis was still growing, right? I was only 18 years old..
So I didn’t really paid attention to it..

Time went.. And my interest on P.E. Slowly began to die.. I was busy with all sort of stuff.. Sport.. Girlfriends.. Studies etc etc
Bad excuses.. When I think about it now.. So my P.E. Routines was kinda on-and-off for a whole 1½year..
My confidence in P.E. Was lacking.. Since I never really felt any increase in size.. Nor did my erections seemed better..
One defining blow was when I injured my little buddy.. Tried to do jelqs with a fully 100% erection.. Yup.. It knocked my penis
Out for like 2 weeks.. I was scared.. Afraid.. Did I just blew it? Did I become impotent for the rest of my life..
Come one?? I’m only 20.. !! So I took a time off.. I’ve had enough of this P.E. Bullshit.. All lies.. Didn’t work.. Etc etc etc

So I didn’t do P.E. For almost a year.. The little P.E. That I did, was once every second month or so. I’ve lost faith..
I blamed P.E. And my genetics for my size, weak erection, you name it.. It sucked! I was miserable during sexual acts
And for a long time.. I thought I had a mild case of ED..

Now at the age of 21, P.E. Suddenly re-sparked my interest.. I don’t know why.. But it did..
So I visited the old pride-penis, but the board was pretty much dead.. Where.. Where?? Where should I got to now?
I’m not gonna pay 20$ for a penis site.. So I sachet and searched.. I stumbled upon Matterofsize
But the place didn’t appeal to me.. Plus you had to pay or something.. So the search went on.. And one day..
By the God of Google.. THUNDER’S PLACE FREE PE FORUMS.. BANG.. !! Lightning bolt.!

I began to read everything there was, started the newbie routine.3-4months later, today I’m just so happy and great-full for this sites existence.

My penis length has now increased.. From 16 to 17cm.. I’m aiming for 18.. Also my girth seems thicker.!

And remember when I blamed genetics and P.E. For my weak erection?? P.E. Wasn’t the one to blame!! Yes, if you’re pushing your penis too hard
It will indeed break/injure.. But that’s not P.E.’s fault. It’s your own! Read the damn instructions.. Read it.. !

I found out.. That my weak erection was the cause of my simple.. Yes.. You guessed it.. Masturbation!
I was obssesed with it.Porn at least once a day.. Pretty much jerking off everyday..
I could go tops 1-2 days without it. Then found the need to do it again..
I still struggle with this.. But because of this forum..
Because I read all your guys post here.. I found the solution.. I’ve found the problem
The problem was me.. The whole porn world we lived in.. Gave me the impression that I’ve had to stay hard in any condition - no matter what..
Had to get a boner every freaking time.. I was only lead to disappointments again and again.. Embarrassments in front of girlfriends etc.
But now.. I’ve stopped.. Jerking off.. Well I try to go as far without it as possible.. And yes.. My strong erections returned from almost a year long slumber..
The rock hard penis.. That I couldn’t hide under my pants back in high School..
The Lord has returned! All because small adjustments in life.. Thanks too all of you guys.. !!

So if any of you.. Have weak erections.. Don’t see gains.. Try to look more carefully.. The problem might be just in front of you.!
Take a break for a month.. Stop jerking off.. Stay dedicated to your routine.. Slightly change it if you don’t see much gains.exercise..

All in all.. I just wanna say thanks to everyone who’s a part of the P.E. Community.. Contributing especially on this board..
I’ve learned so much about myself.. And my lil’buddy down here..

Thank you all.

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Thanks for your input Xantam, and Welcome to the Forum.

It’s always pleasant to hear that someone has improved, particularly after having had disappontments. But now you’re on the right track, I’m sure you will see some more gains before long. But bear in mind that gains can come in phases, so if sometimes it takes a while to make gains don’t be depressed, just keep on and the gains will come.

Good luck


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Cool, it’s good to hear a full p.e. Story like that, rather than just constant snippets of 1 month periods.

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