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My thoughts on warming up

My thoughts on warming up

Okay - please forgive me if I am re-posting old veteran wisdom - but I just had a thought that seemed appropriate for the newbie forum (I’m a newbie myself)

It seems many guys often ask about whether or not a warm up is really necessary… in short - probably not - but keep reading…

I initially had the same views on PE warm up as I did with warm ups in the gym: I thought they were simply an insurance policy against “possible” injury. Alas, I said to myself - “I’ll be fine - I don’t get injured” as foolish as that sounds I’ve been okay so far.

But as I continued weight training I came to realise that a proper warm up made me stronger for my sets!, and stretching in-between sets made me stronger too! basically - overall performance is improved.

so, to relate this back to PE: a warm up might not be “essential” but if it makes for better, faster gains then it’s a no-brainer

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The best warmups in the gym are low intensity exercises that are just like what you will be doing. i.e. bodyweight squats before barbell squats. Using that wisdom, shouldn’t a PE’er warm up with low intensity stretches/jelqs?

I think, well, I know PE isn’t an exact science. What works for someone might not work for others. It’s something that is probably universally good, but there are quite a few people I’ve read about who have achieved good results without warming.

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hey dat, I only use the gym analogy to illustrate the tendency (which I share) to sometimes avoid doing something we should be doing - purely because its boring. I have no place in offering advice on how a PE’er should warm up… other than to listen to the guys who are more experienced than I.

My philosophy is - if there’s a chance it might make no difference, a chance it will make you better, and pretty much no chance that it will make things worse - then it’s worth the 5 minutes.

Like you say - something that is probably universally good.

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