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My story

My story

Hello all at Thunder’s Place,

I guess I am writing this post as a self-motivation tool. I am 19 and live in Tennessee. I found this forum a few months back, and I loved it. I started PEing, but due to certain circumstances (I.e. School finals!), I had to stop. Now it is summer and I want to get back in it. I have always been self conscious, and one of the things that I was self conscious about was my member size. It isn’t small compared to averages (6.5 X 5.25 NBP), but it has always seemed small to me. I suffer from mild depression, partly due to genetics and partly due to my parent’s divorce. I am really REALLY wanting to stick with this PEing, and I would appreciate any words of encouragement from any of you. Even if I don’t get a reply, this post is helping me vent to people that understand. It is not always easy to talk to anyone about penis size, but you guys all seem to understand how important it is to men. Thanks for reading, God bless, and a special thanks to Thunder for creating such a great place. I am not trying to be a kiss ass (ha ha), but this site seems to help alot of people in more ways then penis size. Take care PE bros,


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5.25 EG midshaft

Welcome to Thunder’s, Bond, J Bond.

If you stick to a routine, you will definately see results. But always do things SAFELY. This cannot be stressed enough. Listen to the vets in here, and remember, little time and effort equal little results. The more time and effort you invest in your penis, the more your penis will grow.


Welcome. There is a lot of support here in this board and not just for PE issues, so I’m glad you’re here.

Just FYI, your starting stats are already above average. Any gains for you are going to be extra!


Rock out with your cock out!

Originally Posted by jbond_006
I suffer from mild depression, partly due to genetics and partly due to my parent’s divorce.

Sucks, doesn’t it? The good news is that there are tools to deal with it. If you aren’t on medication, hold off and explore other alternatives first (I say this not because I am moralizing over “changing your personality” but because these drugs do have side effects that aren’t always wanted). The Depression Workshop. If you think this is too much - or too serious to sift through - skip to post #58 for my personal cliff notes on the subject.

Size wise you don’t seem to have much to be self conscious about. Relax.

regards, mgus

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Welcome, Jbond. It’s a crazy world isn’t it?

Follow in the footsteps of those who have successfully gone on before. When you are experienced and wise enough, you will better understand yourself and be better equipped to forge ahead on your own. Read, ask, learn.

Depression is a quiet monster that makes his home in your head. I deal with mine by making a distinction between happiness and contentment. I may never experience what most people consider “happy” for any length of time, but I can learn to be content when, where, and with who I am. There is a difference…and once identified, it can change you dramatically.

Mgus knows his stuff. Welcome to Thunders!

"Debate the idea..."


My best advice would be not to rush things, I got so happy when I read people saying they got 1” in a few months but when the same didnt happen to me I got upset.

I rushed things and did more than I should have, I believe anyway.

I’m now starting Fresh with a much lighter routine and I have high hopes this time around.

Good luck.

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Yo jbond —
First off, welcome. You know, I’ve been reading alot of similar posts lately from young guys like you (under 25) who suffer from depression, and penis size is normally a key function of that depression. But ask yourself - what if you had an 8-inch cock? Would all your problems disappear? Would the depression go away completely? Doubtful. Because the bottom line is your size is only an aggravating component of your depression - if it’s not dick size it’s something else - am I muscular enough? Is my car cool enough? Is my hairline receding? Not to say this is you - I’m responding to the generality of males who say “my life sucks” and “my dick isn’t big enough” in the same breath.

I’m not sure today’s culture can be any more fucked up than it is - especially in America; it fuels this depression. We have the Hiltons and Lohans of the world doing coke and acting like whores, we have MTV further polluting our minds with idiot rappers yapping about their [leased] Bentleys, pimping hoes, and how “cash rules everything”. Violence and machismo seem to depend on one another, whether in sport, war, or every day life. Our minds feed into this crap. No one reads books and thinks for themselves anymore. Sensitivity and compassion for fellow man is all but frowed upon - at least that’s what it seems.

I’m glad you found this site - it’s a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded individuals who want to better themselves in one regard - but no one on this site will ever tell you a big dick will erase your problems — it won’t. It is self-improvement though, which is a terrific step.
Good luck!

PS - check out J123’s linear routine. It’s a great way to start.

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Originally Posted by jbond_006

It isn’t small compared to averages (6.5 X 5.25 NBP), but it has always seemed small to me.

Forgot to mention — those are GREAT starting stats, way bigger than mine. You’ll do fine here.

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

You already have a huge cock, now get out there and use it!

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for all your kind words. You all are very understanding and wise people! :) I am definitely going to check out the linear routine, and I do not want to overdo my workouts at the start. I am doing 2 days on 1 day off of about 50 wet jelqs and 6 stretches (30 seconds apiece). However, I’m going to read the linear routine and change my game plan based on it. Once again, I appreciate it very much!

Starting stats: 01-25-06


5.25 EG midshaft

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