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My Story - Need Feedback From Experience

My Story - Need Feedback From Experience

Hey Guys,

I’m a healthy (except this) 34 year old male who has never had a problem with strong erections…Until now. My erections are weak, I have some morning wood, but it is also very weak, and I have also noticed that whereas my erection used to be rock hard and you could not even bend it down, it can now get about half as hard, and it can bend in any direction.

Currently, I am experiencing something no man should have to experience at this age and stage: weak erections. I have no idea why this is happening, but it has been going on for about 3 months now.

About me: I work out 5 days a week, doing cardio and weights. I am generally very upbeat, but the last two years have been very stressful. That said, I can always rise to the occasion when I am stressed, nor do I feel completely depressed, except NOW I am started to get depressed and become more anti-social because my equipment is not working properly. As recently as July when I was sexually active, my erections were in great condition.

PE: I have not done any PE, jelqing, etc. So this would not be the result of some fatigue, over training, or injury.

Doctor: I have been to a GP and he thinks it is just stress or all in my head, but I disagree. I am now considering going to urologist to have further tests done.

Masturbation: In the last two years I have been masturbating A LOT more often. In July, August, September, and even a bit in October of this year, I was masturbating almost daily. At first, I was thinking this was just fatigue from over masturbation, but the doctor said that is just a myth. However, I am not sure this doctor is “really in the know” as he’s quite a bit older and is a GP in OZ and basically isn’t a penis specialist of any sort.

KEGL: When I kegl, it does not feel like much blood is flowing to the penis as it did before. This worries me as I have noticed a considerable reduction in the bloodflow when I do this. I am worried that I have done some sort of permanent damage to the blood vessels in my penis and the blood is thus not flowing properly.

Psyche: This is hindering me from being more social. I see girls and want to take them out and hook up, but feel that I am “not ready” to perform and thus am not taking advantage of opportunities like I should.

My Approach: I am just going to take it easy and forgo masturbation for all of December. If things do not improve by Jan. 1st, I am going to the urologist.

This is now starting to really affect my psyche, which I’m sure only makes it worse. I have scaled back masturbation to about twice a week, and that is not helping at all. I am thinking of getting a scrip for Viagra just to see if that gets me rock hard, as it has before, the few (3-4) times I took it in my 20s, but I think I’ll just give my dick a break and hope that it get’s back to normal on it’s own.

Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, or advice??? Thanks in advance, fellas. I was somewhat insecure about size (average, 6BPEL, 4.5 EG) over the years, but I am very confident in my abilities in bed and know that I can please a woman well.

I look forward to your replies!!

I always recommend a blood test

Thyroglobulin ab
Thyroid peroxidase
Free t4
Free t3
Free and total testosterone
C reactive protein
Iron panel
Vitamin D3

Reference ranges for everything above is based people who go for blood tests, which means they are reference ranges of a lot of sick people. You want to try and get everything into the optimal range. If you get a blood test let us know what your results are.

Pussy Pounder

Yeah, ok…Of note, and accidentally left this part out. I have been taking the following supplements whilst working out:

Novedex XT (2 weeks at 2 caps / 2 weeks at 1 cap) - finished this two weeks ago.
Activate Xtreme (4 weeks at 4 caps to date)

I have heard that depending on body mass, the Novedex XT can kill libido in some men, but also raise it in others. I have not taken steriods of any kind. I have taken these merely as a stand alone…FOR THE LAST TIME. I am wondering if this has hurt me, but overall, I have taken these supplements about 4 years ago, and it increased my libido and overall EQ, so this is a complete reversal.

On the blood tests, I agree that I should do it. My issue is I’m overseas and not on medicaid, so everything comes out of my pocket…Ugh!

Thanks for the suggestions. I have decided to make an appointment with a urologist and will most like administer the blood tests through him.

Any other feedback and experiences is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

So the reduction in libido and EQ corresponds to the time you started the bodybuilding supplements? I think 2 AIs maybe too much. Perhaps Novedex XT dropped your estrogen way down, and the Activate Xtreme is keeping it down.

Pussy Pounder

Started for me about that time too. I’m horny but it won’t go up like I want it too. The increased EQ and a hopefully bigger schlong is why I’m here.

Start (Oct 2010) NBPEL: 5, BPEL: 5.875 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.25 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

(November 2013) NBPEL: 5.875, BPEL: 6.625 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.625 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

You could be right. I am going to stop taking them immediately. I am pretty knowledgeable about supps in general, and as I have gotten older, I do not rely on them anymore. This was a “one last hoorah” for strength gains before the end of the year, which I must say I believe they have helped in that area.

My understanding is that Activate Xtreme does not contain any AI, but has an “AI effect” as it is supposed to release free testosterone. I am having the COMPLETE opposite effect. I have read some threads where a very small delegation of users have experienced the opposite effect, but the majority have an increase in libido and erections.

Since I didn’t need to use them as an AI, I was found they were OK to take as a standalone through a good friend who is in the industry as a pro bodybuilder.

Right now, I am waking up with VERY weak morning wood. To the point where it is alarming and as I said, when I KEGL, there isn’t the dramatic increase in bloodflow that I am used to, which makes me thing it could be more.

I have made an appointment with the urologist for next week.


So last night I woke up with some morning wood, but it was still somewhat weak. I am of the supplements to get my test and estrogen back on track naturally so we’ll see how the next week goes. I am still going to the urologist next week.

I would guess the supplements are the culprit. They don’t work on me as I age the way they did when I was younger.

If any of the stuff you’re taking is a pro hormone then I definitely think that’s your problem.

Well, that’s the thing. The stuff I took was not prohormone. I know my way around supps, and I never take test boosters or AI’s, but this time I did and I must have overdone it. I consulted with a good friend of mine/rep for one of the supp companies, who is also a pro bodybuilder, and said that the stack should be fine. Put I took too much of the AI component of it.

I didn’t think it would affect the strength of my erections the way that it has. I’m still going to go see the urologists.

I will post updates as I go as this could be a good example of what not to do or a warning on the taking of some of these supplements.


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